Struggle for Life 2016

Marc Châtaigne, an intern at the Ministry of Standards, is sent to French Guiana to implement European construction standards at Guyaneige: the first Amazonian ski slope, intended to boost tourism in French Guiana. There, he meets Tarzan, an attractive intern at the National Forestry Office, with whom he’ll get lost on a journey through the jungle that will take him far, far away…

Meet the In Laws 2012

Xu Zheng plays a psychologist in "In-laws." When he decides to visit his girlfriend's parents, he discovers that his future father-in-law is one of his patients. Hilarity ensues after they meet.

The Lavender Hill Mob 1951

A meek bank clerk who oversees the shipments of bullion joins with an eccentric neighbor to steal gold bars and smuggle them out of the country.

Jamaibabu 1931

This comedy has a country bumpkin hero Gobardhan visiting his parents-in-law in Calcutta. Mistaking a 'No Nuisance' sign for an address, he gets lost trying to find his friend Amal's room. His subsequent adventures take him to famous locations including Howrah Bridge, the Victoria Memorial and the Maidan. Gobardhan eventually finds his in-laws, feigns illness to prolong his stay, is beaten up when he tries to sneak into his wife's room and gets mistaken for a thief.

The Killer With a Thousand Eyes 1974

A special detective is sent to Lisbon in order to investigate a series of murders. After looking into the murders, our hero realises that they are somehow linked to an illegal drug smuggling operation and so sets about looking into that in order to solve the murders and stop the smuggling from taking place.

The Bloodstained Lawn 1973

A couple of wandering hippies meet a man by the name of Antonio who takes them to the home where he lives with his sister and brother-in-law. There they meet several strange characters: a gypsy woman, a prostitute and a disturbing drunk. The host tells them that he is a producer of wines and loves to entertain strange people. In fact he is a madman who has created a mechanism that can suck blood from human bodies.

How to Dupe a Lawyer 1980

Attorney Horic is a specialist for cases connected with motoring. He approaches to his work unconventionally, he does not hesitate to search for evidence right in the terrain and he is willing to take various risks.

The Toad Who Visits His In-Laws 1990

Rooted in the oral tale recounted by the Tetela in Sankuru, Democratic Republic of Congo, this story explains how it came to be that the Fox ate the Chicken, the Chicken ate the Termite, the Termite ate the Stick and the Stick ate the Toad, when the Toad arrives at his in-laws’ home and is served a meal with a single spoon, sparking off a terrible row!

Coup d'Etat 1973

A freestyle biopic of Ikki Kita, the ultranationalist intellectual whose ideas inspired the failed military coup in 1936.

Women on the Run 1993

The plot includes the plight of two women who both find themselves betrayed by the men they love. It's a violent female 'buddy' movie, with two mismatched heroines, a policewoman (Cheung) & a drug addicted prostitute(Guo) joining forces to gain revenge.

The Blonde Fury 1989

While celebrating the smashing of a big New York counterfeit ring, the G-men find out that the top funny money man, Wong, has slipped away. Blackbelt Cynthia Rothrock is ordered to Hong Kong to get Wong. In Hong Kong, Wong goes into the printing business. Ostensibly, he publishes a newspaper. But his real business is still the forging of bank notes.

The Fox 1967

Two women who live a quiet life on a farm in rural Canada are surprised by the visit of the former tenant’s grandson.

Justice is Blind: The Moving Tale of a Vision-Impaired Lawyer 2014

Based on the writings of a true life, vision-impaired lawyer comes a story about a blind man who manages to pass the extremely difficult bar exam and earn his lawyer’s license. Long desiring to help the weak, Kensuke Okochi gets a job at an attorney’s office while he and his wife, also blind, look forward to their first child. When a plaintiff in a divorce case decides to withdraw from litigation, Kensuke worries at first that it has to do with his own perceived inadequacies as a lawyer, but a few days later, he is visited by the female plaintiff, Satomi, showing injuries to her body. While it appears an open and shut case of domestic violence with an audio recording as proof, Kensuke detects a “certain scent” coming from the plaintiff which gives him pause as to her real intentions.

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