Kicking & Screaming 2005

Phil Weston has been unathletic his entire life. In college he failed at every sport that he tried out for. It looks like his 10-year old son, Sam, is following in his footsteps. But with becoming the coach of The Soccers, an already successful soccer team, everything changes.

Kicking and Screaming 1995

After college graduation, Grover's girlfriend Jane tells him she's moving to Prague to study writing. Grover declines to accompany her, deciding instead to move in with several friends, all of whom can't quite work up the inertia to escape their university's pull. Nobody wants to make any big decisions that would radically alter his life, yet none of them wants to end up like Chet, the professional student who tends bar and is in his tenth year of university studies.

After the Screaming Stops 2018

Brosettes rejoice! Matt and Luke Goss take on the big screen - and each other - in this candid documentary charting the twin pop sensations' stormy reunion.

Carry On Screaming 1966

The sinister Dr Watt has an evil scheme going. He's kidnapping beautiful young women and turning them into mannequins to sell to local stores. Fortunately for Dr Watt, Detective-Sergeant Bung is on the case, and he doesn't have a clue! In this send up of the Hammer Horror movies, there are send-ups of all the horror greats from Frankenstein to Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde.

Man with the Screaming Brain 2005

In 2005 Bruce Campbell directed his first ever feature film. The film stars Bruce Campbell as a wealthy CEO who travels to Bulgaria after the fall of communism. His plan was to do business for his U.S. drug company yet he is shortly caught up in some dirty situations and ends up with a brain transplant after his brain is severely damaged. Slapstick B-Movie science fiction on a low budget.

The House of Screaming Death 2017

Four Tales of The Macabre! Enter the House of The Screaming Death in this feature length anthology gothic horror film... tales of terror to chill you to the bone... One scary night....One mysterious figure, 'The Architect', who has some chilling stories to tell you. Story 1 - What is the mystery of The Lady in Grey? (written by Troy Dennison) Story 2 - A tale of witchcraft and the dark chilling beyond (written by Mark Lees) Story 3 - 1888: The year of the Vampyre (written by David Hastings) Story 4 - Evil is found in the most innocent of places ... a child's toy (written by Alex Bourne)

I Wake Up Screaming 1941

A young promoter is accused of the murder of Vicky Lynn, a young actress he "discovered" as a waitress while out with ex-actor Robin Ray and gossip columnist Larry Evans.

The Screaming Woman 1972

A wealthy former mental patient goes home to her estate to rest and recuperate. While walking the grounds one day she hears the screams of a woman coming from underneath the ground who has been buried alive. Her family, however, refuses to believe her story, and sees the incident as an opportunity to prove the woman's mind has snapped so they can take control of her money.

Screaming Masterpiece 2005

A documentary about the bustling Icelandic musical scene. This documentary covers some of Iceland's most talented and well-known musicians.

The Screaming Skull 1958

Newlyweds Eric and Jenni Whitlock retire to his desolate mansion, where Eric's first wife Marianne died from a mysterious freak accident. Jenni, who has a history of mental illness, begins to see strange things including a mysterious skull, which may or may not be a product of her imagination.

Die Screaming, Marianne 1971

After their parents divorce, one daughter lives with her mother in England while the other lives with her father in Portugal. After the untimely death of her mother, the one daughter stands to inherit a large sum of money and also a number of documents containing information that will incriminate her father, who was a crooked judge. While her father wants the documents, her sister wants the money and they will each stop at nothing, even murder, to get what they want.

Screaming Dead 2003

Into an abandoned insane asylum pass six individuals who are about to discover its terrifying secrets and come face to face with its blackest horrors... Sleaze photographer Roger Neale and three beautiful models take up residence in a reportedly haunted old building - an ideal location for Neale's photographic "study in terror." But their project is abandoned when he discovers a secret passageway, leading to a blood-splattered dungeon ... and into a supernatural world where pain and evil await.

The Earth Dies Screaming 1964

A crack space pilot returns to earth to find the planet has been devastated by some unknown forces. There are a few survivors, so he organizes them in a plan to ward off control by a group of killer robots.

Screaming Class 2013

Kana is an ordinary high school student. One day, her photo is selected for a magazine and, because of this, Kana receives attention from popular student attention Rio. The attention though is not the kind Kana wanted. Kana is bullied by Rio and her friends. A rumor exists that a ghost exists in the old school building. The ghost is able to grant someone's wish, but that person will lose something important to them. The ghost is a former student named Yomi, who died in an accident 12 years ago. Kana decides to go see the ghost. The next day, Kana is a member of Rio's group, but Kana's friend Erika is now bullied. More tragedy awaits …

And Now The Screaming Starts 1973

In the late 18th century, two newlyweds move into the stately mansion of husband Charles Fengriffen. The bride, Catherine, falls victim to a curse placed by a wronged servant on the Fengriffen family and all its descendants.

Face of the Screaming Werewolf 1965

Experimenting in hypnotic regression to past lives, Dr. Edmund Redding of the Cowan Institute in Pasadena has discovered that Ann Taylor is a reincarnated Aztec woman. Via her recovered memories, she is able to lead Redding and his associates to a hidden chamber in the Great Pyramid of Yucatan, where they hope to find the lost treasure of the Aztecs. Instead, they find two mummified bodies - one of a modern man, quite dead, and the other of an ancient Aztec, quite alive. They are able to return safely to Pasadena with both finds, but a rival professor, Janney, kills Redding and steals the body of the modern man-mummy. This he subjects to a resurrection experiment, which works - only the mummy proves to be a werewolf. This creature breaks free of Janney's lab. Meanwhile, a hired thief sent by Janney to steal the other, living mummy, is overcome and that creature escapes also. Two supernatural menaces roam the city that night...

My World Dies Screaming 1958

A newlywed is terrified when her husband brings her to live in the old house that figures in her recurring nightmare.

Screaming in the hallway 2006

A prestigious fairytale illustrator is hired by the psychiatric hospital director. His job there will be to decorate the hospital walls with his drawings to improve the place's atmosphere. It seems like an easy task but things get complicated when the sketcher discovers a dark corridor from where chilling screams come out.

Trail of the Screaming Forehead 2008

A small town infestation of crawling alien foreheads that begin attaching to people and taking them over collides with a scientist's experiments to extract foreheadazine and things go horribly horribly wrong.

Tower of Screaming Virgins 1968

King's swordsman Captain Buridan, hero of the Flanders campaign, returns to Paris to find it in a grip of fear -a "vampire/witch" in the "Tower of Sin" is luring young men to their deaths by offering them a night of sexual ecstasy followed by savage slaughter: "You've had your fun -now its our turn!" Buridan is holding secrets of his own and his battle to save France from an evil Chancellor, an impotent King and a lascivious, wanton Queen make the battlefields of war seem like child's play. The killer may be a beautiful beast above the laws of man but finds she's not above poetic justice while the Musketeer saves the day for the French monarchy.

Kicking & Screaming 2017

A competition series that teams 10 expert survivalists with pampered partners to face the toughest challenges of their lives.

Screaming Mess

Screaming Mess is a pilot sketch show created by Rupert Hill, Jamie Langrish and Marc Norris. The original two episodes were filmed between 2003 and 2005. The sketches include parodies of film trailers, characters such as Gary Francesco and Geoff Ruff as well as several 'Jackarse' episodes A third episode of Screaming Mess is currently in pre production. Screaming Mess Sketches on YouTube

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