Miss Austen Regrets 2008

An outwardly confident but unmarried woman on the verge of her fortieth birthday reflects on her past suitors and the choices she once made while attempting to help her marriage minded niece choose between a number of potential suitors in this tale inspired by the life and letters of Jane Austen. Jane Austen is about to turn forty, but she still hasn't found her ideal man. When Jane is approached by her niece Fanny and asked to help select the perfect husband for the young girl, the aging spinster begins to wonder why it is that she never found a man to share her own life with. Perhaps if Jane had accepted the proposal of a wealthy landowner she could have saved her family from financial ruin, and what of the handsome young physician who once warmed to Jane after tending to her ailing family members?

No Regrets 2001

This teenage drama deals with the emotional chaos of a high school graduate at the beginning of a new period of his life. 19-year-old Daniel is frustrated: he wants his great love Luca to be the "first" woman in his life, but she seems to be unreachable, so he is still a virgin. During his community service as a male nurse, his boss Anna falls in love with him and they finally have sex. Suddenly Luca is interested in Daniel...

Regrets 2011

Short thriller/horror film about two men and a one-night-stand that goes horribly wrong, where dread builds and builds into inevitable horror.

Regrets 2009

After the death of his mother, fortysomething introvert Mathieu enters into a second relationship with his high-school girlfriend, Maya.

No Regrets 2004

Cheryl and Alex Wheeler are seemingly happily married, with two beautiful daughters. But when Alex decides to look up his college sweetheart Suzanne Kennerly, he has no idea that his actions will lead to Cheryl also being reunited with her college sweetheart, Phil Welch.

Eli Regrets 2012

In Eli Regrets, we are submerged in the darkly comical life of a presumptuous teenager as he is faced with his impending manhood. As Eli enters into the world of timid love, hard drugs, and spilt milk, he must overcome his fears or face the ultimate regret of not knowing.

Dark Regrets 2010

Dark Regrets is the short film Horror /Thriller movie by Alex Gilbert. The movie was in Pre-Production since the end of 2009. Alex Gilbert found his cast and crew for the movie when Producer of the movie Angus McKay decided to help out. Angus helped write the movie along with Alex who wrote the draft of the movie in December 2009. Plot: "Freeman" is overrun by a Diary that controls his life for a week and he has to do as the Diary says or the person who is watching him "Mr X" will kill him. He has to hunt down people that he knows and what the Diary says is what Freeman has to do. The story goes back in time with same killings that happened in 1980 with a Diary and a man called Mr X. Freemans brother "Michael" follows Freeman and he slowly investigates the deaths of the same type of people that were killed in 1980 by a victim who is controlled by Mr X.

My Sister's Regrets 1971

Dal-Rae's father gets killed by his concubine Seo-Mo, who later entraps Dal-Rae into death, also. But Do-Wun, Dal-Rae's younger brother, continues to study for the state examination in some temple, not knowing his father and sister's death. Dal-Rae's ghost tries to protect her youngest brother Do-Seon from Seo-Mo's intrigue. When Do-Seon was on the verge of being killed, Do-Wun who won the first place in the state examination saves his brother. While Seo-Mo and her evil group gets killed accused of their horrible atrocities, Do-Wun goes to Han Yang with his brother, asking Cheong-Am, his teacher and a great Buddhist monk, to pray for Dal-Rae's soul.

Lapses, Regrets and Qualms 2016

A day in the life of director Boris Lehman: he wanders from cafe to bookshop, cinema to museum, writer to musician, and into the storeroom of the film archive... He celebrates his birthday in an alleyway, with a friend, and finishes his journey with an escapade to Bruges and a stroll by the North Sea. The camera plays dirty tricks and the sound recorder gets carried away, to the point that both are clearly telling Boris to stop filming. Yet he persists…

Bound By A Secret 2009

Two lifelong friends must face personal drama when one of them learns she has cancer. They also have to make a decision about a ghost from the past: should they tell the child of one friend (Baxter), a suburb mom, that she is in fact the child of the other (Warren), a Broadway star.

Regrets of the Past 2017

The short film project "Regrets of the Past" was realized by a team of local filmmakers whose goal it was to create a high-quality sci-fi movie in Austria, based within the Star Wars universe. The crew diligently focused on the visual language of the film which tries to adhere as closely as possible to the original trilogy developed by George Lucas in the 1970s. The story is set after the events that led to the inception of the Galactic Empire (Star Wars - Episode III) and follows the fate of two fugitive Jedi knights. Pursued by a bounty hunter, Pash Sularen and his Padawan Kaila Dain crash on a remote plant and are confronted with their past. Principal photography took place in Austria from 2013 through 2015, followed by one year of post production. The crew of 150 consisted mainly of working professionals in the Austrian film industry who supported the project in their spare time.

No Regrets About Youth 1991

Zheng Jianong, a bulldozer driver, has been suffering from illness for years and his wife leaves him

Rihanna No Regrets 2013

Rihanna is one of the most diverse superstars in modern music. Her catchy melodies and vibrant charisma has allured fans all around the world. This documentary tells the story of the multi-award winning artist's triumphant journey from poverty and obscurity to becoming a worldwide pop sensation. To date she has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making her one of the best selling music artists of all time. We take an in-depth look into her off stage life and learn about her love hate relationship with R&B singer Chris Brown and how they plan to move on from the abusive past and on to a positive future.

Defiant Wrestling: No Regrets 2018 2018

Defiant Wrestling returns home to Newcastle on Saturday, April 28th for a huge PPV event 'No Regrets'... featuring the No Regrets 30-man Rumble. WhatCulture Wrestling's Simon Miller has announced he will be making his professional wrestling debut in the No Regrets Rumble.

A Finished Life: The Goodbye & No Regrets Tour 2009

A Finished Life: The Goodbye & No Regrets Tour is a feature length documentary about Gregg Gour, a 48-year-old gay man with AIDS, who, when given six months to live, takes the road trip of his life. Gregg had been HIV positive for 24 years and during that time the side effects of the medications made him increasingly sicker than the virus itself. In the last several years he felt that his quality of life had diminished considerably, so he choose to go off his meds and no longer fight death. After giving away all of his belongings, Gregg buys an RV and travels across the United States with his dog, Cody, saying goodbye to family and friends who have to come to terms with Gregg's decision: That rather than suffer a long, painful death, he will end his own life before allowing the progressing illness to take away his independence.

No Regrets for Our Youth 1946

Yukie, the well-bred daughter of a university professor, is shocked when her father is relieved of his post for his political teachings, and even more so when her lover, one of her father's students, is arrested, then executed as a spy. She decides to leave Kyoto to live with the boy's parents in their peasant village. But life still has many lessons for her...

No Regrets 2010

No Regrets is a 2010 TVB Hong Kong television drama created and produced by Lee Tim-shing. It originally aired on the Jade and HD Jade networks from 18 October to 28 November 2010, consisting of 32 episodes. The final two episodes were aired back to back on 28 November 2010. No Regrets is the companion piece of the award-winning drama Rosy Business, which was the second most-viewed television drama in Hong Kong of 2009. It is one of two grand TVB productions used to celebrate the channel's 43rd anniversary, the other being Gun Metal Grey, both which were the first Hong Kong dramas to broadcast live in English subtitles. Set in the late 1930s to late 1940s in Canton, Republic of China during World War II, No Regrets is an epic drama that centers on a triad family, the Canton police force, and the Japanese occupation of the city. The Chinese title of No Regrets literally translates to "Veiled Heroine, Ruthless Hero: Righteous Sea, Heroic Passion", referring to both the chaotic period of war and the complicated relationship shared by the two main characters, Cheng Kau-mui and Lau Sing. The drama and cast received eleven TVB Anniversary Award nominations, winning four of them. The awards include Best Actress for Tang, Best Actor for Lai, Best Supporting Actress for Fala Chen, Best Supporting Actor for Mak Cheung-ching, and Most Improved Male Artiste for Raymond Wong. Meanwhile, No Regrets also gains other awards and achievement, including all four Mingpao Weekly awards for TV programmes, the first Shanghai Television Festival nomination for a Hong Kong TV drama and two awards for supporting actors at Asian Television Awards.

Attack on Titan: No Regrets 2014

Many years before becoming the famed captain of the Survey Corps, a young Levi struggles to survive in the capital's garbage dump, the Underground. As the boss of his own criminal operation, Levi attempts to get by with meager earnings while aided by fellow criminals, Isabel Magnolia and Farlan Church. With little hope for the future, Levi accepts a deal from the anti-expedition faction leader Nicholas Lobov, who promises the trio citizenship aboveground if they are able to successfully assassinate Erwin Smith, a squad leader of the Survey Corps. As Levi and Erwin cross paths, Erwin acknowledges Levi's agility and skill and gives him the option to either become part of the expedition team, or be turned over to the Military Police, to atone for his crimes. Now closer to the man they are tasked to kill, the group plans to complete their mission and save themselves from a grim demise in the dim recesses of their past home. However, they are about to learn that the surface world is not as liberating as they had thought and that sometimes, freedom can come at a heavy price. Based on the popular spin-off manga of the same name, Attack on Titan: No Regrets illustrates the encounter between two of Attack on Titan's pivotal characters, as well as the events of the 23rd expedition beyond the walls.

Rosy Business 2009

Set in Eastern China in the mid-19th century Qing Dynasty, Rosy Business tells a story of the mercantile Chiang family and the ambition and jealousy surrounding the issue of who will inherit the family business when Chiang Kiu dies. The story surrounds the life of Hong Po-kei, who marries into the Chiang family as Chiang Kiu's fourth wife. She gains ownership of Hing Fung Nin, the family rice shop, and guides the ambitious coolie Chai Kau to rise in the social status ladder.

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