Delta Heat 1992

An L.A. cop investigates the death of his partner in the swamps of Louisiana. Enlisting the help of an ex-cop who lost his hand to an alligator many years before.

In the Heat of Passion 1992

A struggling actor lands the part of a rapist in a TV reenactment for a "Crimebusters" segment. He soon meets a beautiful rich woman whom he begins an affair with, even though she is married. Her husband soon finds out and is accidently killed. The two lovers cover up the crime, but the actor begins to wonder if there's more going on than he knows.

Crazy With The Heat 1947

Donald and Goofy are driving across the desert, apparently the Sahara. The car breaks down (out of gas), and they start walking. Before long, they are out of water, and are seeing mirages of soda fountains and icebergs. Fortunately, they find a camel.

The Heat 2006

Four good folks from schools got reunion in a summer café on the bank of River Moskva, and they had an unthinkable trouble to deal with check, though one of them is so rich. One by one, a friend left the table to find solution and everyone of them met with different stories. The rich one got caught, ended up in jail for a night with the help from other folks. Friendship never ends...

Blue Desert 1991

After surviving rape, comic-book artist Lisa Roberts is moving from New York City to small town in Arizona. But there's danger in small towns too.

Jungle Heat 1988

Vincent Wong (Leo Fong) has a son who is kidnapped; he, his partner (Cynthia Rothrock) and a martial arts expert (Richard Norton) is put on the trail of the kidnappers for the showdown.

Heat Wave 1991

Rin Jyoshima lost her father to death-by-gambling; years later, she's grown up in the Kosugi household and has fallen victim to gambling herself.

Three Kinds of Heat 1987

Three friends persecute a gang of criminals from Harlem to the parties of the High Society of London.

December Heat 2008

The young country of Estonia is dancing to the jazzy tune of the 1920's when on December 1, 1924, the capital Tallinn is overrun by members of the Comintern in an attempt to stage a Communist coup. The film follows the fates of a young soldier called Tanel and his wife, a telephone operator named Anna, amidst the ensuing chaos which determines whether the country remains independent or becomes a minor province in the Communist Empire.

The Last of the Finest 1990

An elite group of vice cops are fired from the L.A.P.D. for being over-zealous in their war against drugs. It is immediately apparent that some of their superiors are involved in the drug ring. Banded together, four of the banned cops (which quickly becomes three when one is killed early) band together to fight the drug ring undercover. They gain capital for weapons by ripping off minor drug dealers. Then well-armed they go after the kingpin (Boyd).

In the Heat of the Sun 1994

The film is set in Beijing during the Cultural Revolution. It is told from the perspective of Ma Xiaojun nicknamed Monkey, a teenage boy. Monkey and his friends are free to roam the streets of Beijing day and night because the Cultural Revolution has caused their parents and most adults to be either busy or away. The story revolves around Monkey's dalliances with his roguish male friends and his subsequent angst-filled crush with Mi Lan.

The Beast in Heat 1977

In a remote village in occupied Europe, the SS pursue their inhuman treatment of captured partisans in efforts to force them to betray their comrades.... while Fraulein Krast, a sadistic biologist, concentrates her efforts on the womenfolk with refined tortures and humiliation, leaving them to the mercy of a sex-crazed half-man, half-beast she has created with experimental injections.... And as advancing Allied forces approach the village, Krast herself becomes a victim of her own fiendish rituals....

Hickey & Boggs 1972

Two veteran private eyes trigger a criminal reign of terror with their search for a missing girl.

Delinquent Girl: Alley Cat In Heat 1973

Acclaimed Nikkatsu pinku eiga director Chusei Sone went slumming with this sleazy softcore melodrama about a teenage runaway (Yuko Katagiri) who goes to Tokyo and becomes a prostitute for her new yakuza boyfriend (Hideaki Ezomi). Ezomi leaves her for another woman, but suddenly becomes impotent and -- impotent pimps not being much good at controlling their stables -- promptly loses all of his hookers. Director Sone at least attempts to give the film his usual quirky attitude and glossy look, but the material really needed a grittier approach from a director of perhaps less talent, but more sleaze credibility. Setsuko Ohyama and Joji Sawada co-star.

Heat Team 2004

Eason Chan is K.C, Chan and Y.T. Lee is Aaron Kwok, both are very smart cop, who both were assign to interpol. The only thing that make them different is woman. K.C Chan is known for courting with a lot of woman and Y.T. Lee get nervous around woman. The case for this movie is about a international thief who come to Hong Kong to steal, a diamond necklace worth over 10 million US. Anyway, Yumiko Cheng who is engage with a fertilizer mogul, soon for in love with KC Chan.

Whiteout 2000

A group of terrorists has taken hold of the largest dam in Japan. They also capture the workers as hostages, and demanded $5 billion yen from the government with a 24 hour deadline in exchange for the lives of the hostages. To make things more complicated, there was a snowstorm and no one can get in or out near the area. Fortunately, the terrorists did not capture Togashi, the dam controller, and he is the only person who can rescue those hostages from the terrorists...

Summer Heat 2008

Photographer Bob loses his girlfriend. A year later he meets Kathleen. Is she in love? Or does she use him for her dark dealings with the mafia?

Bajan Heat 2013

Dan, a troubled ex-military man goes to Barbados to escape his past and start a new life by helping Bajan policeman Sammy take down an illegal gambling ring, but Dan's vices and bad nature follow him wherever he goes.

Sunset Heat 1992

A former drug-dealer photojournalist (Michael Paré) returns to Los Angeles and helps friends terrorized by his ex-partner (Dennis Hopper).

Windy City Heat

Windy City Heat is a made for TV reality film produced by Comedy Central. It first aired on October 12, 2003 and is shown in repeats. The DVD was released on September 26, 2006.

White Heather Club

The White Heather Club was a BBC TV Scottish variety show that ran on and off from 7 May 1958 to 1968. It was an early evening BBC television programme. Until 1957 there was a silent period in BBC TV broadcasting, between 6pm and 7pm, called the Toddlers' Truce. When this ended, the BBC was unsure of what type of programme to broadcast. A topical news magazine programme Tonight was broadcast on some days, and The White Heather Club on others. In the 1958 the so-called "VERA" was invented. This was the BBC's first videotape recording device. "The White Heather Club" was recorded and is therefore one of the earliest TV programmes that can still be viewed today, although only six episodes survive in the BBC archives. It started at 6.20, and Jimmy Shand composed a melody "The Six Twenty Twostep" as the theme tune. This was usually followed by Andy Stewart singing "Come in, come in, it's nice to see you...." The show always ended with Andy Stewart and the cast singing, "Haste ye Back": Robert Wilson was an early presenter of the Club and recorded with them. The show was so successful that in the early '60s there was a company touring Scottish theatres, containing many of the performers. The show was filmed in Glasgow, at that time the only large TV studio in Scotland, and produced by Ian MacFayen.

The Heat with Mark McEwan

The Heat with Mark McEwan is a Canadian food and catering show produced by General Purpose Pictures which airs on Food Network in Canada. It is hosted by Mark McEwan, a Celebrity chef based in Toronto. In the show, Mark heads a team of skilled chefs and caterers pulled from his restaurants 'North 44', 'Bymark' and 'ONE' as he caters various upscale Canadian events.

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