Television 2012

A devout village leader prohibits an array of modern devices, but when his strict measures go too far, the locals rise up in popular rebellion.

TeleVision 2010

It's true, there's nothing good on TV. 'TELE-VISION' is a different story, however. This season we're skinning into your living room to grab the remote and tune you into our finest backcountry ski flick yet. A strange "El Nino" year forced us to climb further, dig deeper and flat out try harder in order to create a film worthy of "A Powderwhore Production". Mission accomplished. 'TELE-VISION' is our continuing tradition of filming the top telemark skiers in the world playing in untracked powder mixed with big lines, humor, flight time, spills, and all the required deep face shots of a good ski porn. So put on your snuggie and top off the bowl of cheetos while you enjoy the program!

Television 1939

One of many "Reelisms" shorts produced by Frederic Ullman Jr. and Frank Donovan for RKO in the late-30's on various subjects, this is a clinical look at the inner-workings of television, including the manufacture of the tubes, lab experiments and an actual telecast.

Broadcasting Christmas 2016

Emily (Hart) is an ambitious television anchor, aimed at climbing the ranks. When the opportunity to co-host a talk show with the fabulous talk show diva Veronika (Harry) presents itself two weeks before Christmas, she thinks this is her big break. To her surprise, she discovers she has stiff competition with Charlie (Cain), the local TV anchor who is her near equal on another station. With such interest and support for both reporters, a contest is created: for the two weeks leading up to Christmas, who can cover the best and most meaningful Christmas stories on the local news? As they shoot their heartfelt Christmas stories, they realize the top prize is not as important as they once thought. They experience the true meaning of Christmas with the subjects in their news segments – and with each other.

Norman Television 2016

Norman, a lost guinea pig, wanders in the pipe through apartments in New York, and his main recreation during his adventure is to see how the apartment residents live - with popcorn and remote controls.

A Hypnotic Television Experience 1995

What interests me is the hypnotic trance in which one can plunge a viewer. When you make a film and it works, you're like a shaman, a hypnotist.

The Television Fan 1961

The film tries to persuade young viewers that they should only watch TV after having completed their duties; it shows them (and their parents) what the world would look like if everyone watched TV instead of working.

Tangled Television 1940

In this 1940 entry from Columbia Pictures' "Color Rhapsodies" series, three television pioneers demonstrate how TV works. Featured is singer Madame Dish, followed by trips to India, Egypt, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Venice. With the original main titles intact, this 1940 Screen Gems cartoon, with animation by Art Davis and Herb Rothwell plus music by Joe De Nat, was directed by Sid Marcus.

Television Highlights

A Mentone Brevity short that features an early-day Henny Youngman (billed as Henry Youngman). Gogo DeLys (the correct version of her name), old-timer Lew Hearn and Powers' Prom Girls also take a turn. Youngman is the emcee at the Yacht Club nightclub who is also trying to get Lew Hearn to buy a television set...on which unbooked vaudeville acts are performing.

Television Spy 1939

A scientist invents a television device called the Iconoscope. Foreign agents hear about it and try to steal it.

Television Assassination 1975

TELEVISION ASSASSINATION is one of two major works that Bruce Conner began in the days immediately following the Kennedy assassination and the artist's own thirtieth birthday, in the fall of 1963. While REPORT utilized montage and a strongly articulated structure to analyze the forces at work in the killing of a President (including our own complicity), TELEVISION ASSASSINATION is a complex, synthesizing work that weaves together fragments from the flux and flow of that history as it was in the process of being constructed and displayed daily to a nation of spectators. A monument to the enduring potency of the Kennedy myth and to the marketers who created it, the installation brings Conner's critique full-circle into the very medium that formalized it. In so doing, the work seems to suggest that the final resting place for the slain President was neither Brookline nor Arlington National Cemetery, but rather in the box, on the tube, held suspended forever on the television screen.

Radio and Television 1940

Vocational guidance film showing the radio industry as it existed in 1940, along with potential occupations at every level. Introduces the new industry of television, emphasizing its need for specially skilled workers. The film features imagery the electronics used in the pre-World War II era.

Wax, or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees 1991

Computer programmer/beekeeper Jacob gets a "television" implanted in his brain by a race of telekinetic bees, which causes him to experience severe hallucinations. (Includes: Mesopotamian bees, souls living inside weapons, the land of the dead in the Moon, Cain, the Trinity site, the tower of Babel, and a planet TV transmitting the dead of the future inside the Garden of Eden Cave which are giant bees, a Supranormal Film Society trying to capture the dead on film in the 1920's, the letter X, missiles turning into flying saucers, a beekeeper who is murdered by his own bees, and the cities of the dead)

BAFTA Television Awards 2018 2018

The 2018 British Academy Television Awards took place on 13 May 2018 at the Royal Festival Hall in London. The nominations were announced on 4 April, with Black Mirror, Line of Duty, The Crown and Three Girls nominated for three awards.

Totto Television 2016

A drama series based on the novel "Totto Channeru" by famed Japanese actress Tetsuko Kuroyanagi.

The Philco Television Playhouse 1948

The Philco Television Playhouse is an American anthology series that was broadcast live on NBC from 1948 to 1955. Produced by Fred Coe, the series was sponsored by Philco. It was one of the most respected dramatic shows of the Golden Age of Television, winning a 1954 Peabody Award and receiving eight Emmy nominations between 1951 and 1956.

Second City Television 1976

Second City Television is a Canadian television sketch comedy show offshoot from Toronto's Second City troupe that ran between 1976 and 1984.

BBC Television Shakespeare 1978

The BBC Television Shakespeare is a series of British television adaptations of the plays of William Shakespeare, created by Cedric Messina and produced by BBC Television. It was transmitted in the UK from 3 December 1978 to 27 April 1985 and spanned seven series. Development of the series began in 1975 when Messina saw that Glamis Castle would make a perfect location for an adaptation of Shakespeare's play As You Like It. On returning to London, he envisioned an entire series devoted exclusively to the dramatic works of Shakespeare. After encountering numerous problems trying to produce the series, Messina eventually pitched the idea to the BBC’s departmental heads and the series was greenlighted. The series as a whole received generally negative reviews from critics.

My Little Television 2016

My Little Television is a 2015 South Korean television program about personal internet broadcasting like afreecaTV, or Daum tvPot hosted by Seo Yu-ri. Format is competition between main casts through their internet broadcasting.

Goodyear Television Playhouse 1951

The Goodyear Television Playhouse is an American anthology series that was telecast live on NBC from 1951 to 1957 during the "Golden Age of Television". Sponsored by Goodyear, Goodyear alternated sponsorship with Philco, and the Philco Television Playhouse was seen on alternate weeks. In 1955, the title was shortened to The Goodyear Playhouse and it aired on alternate weeks with The Alcoa Hour. The three series were essentially the same, with the only real difference being the name of the sponsor. Producer Fred Coe nurtured and encouraged a group of young, mostly unknown writers that included Robert Alan Aurthur, George Baxt, Paddy Chayefsky, Horton Foote, Howard Richardson, Tad Mosel and Gore Vidal. Notable productions included Chayefsky's Marty starring Rod Steiger, Chayefsky's The Bachelor Party, Vidal's Visit to a Small Planet, Richardson's Ark of Safety and Foote's The Trip to Bountiful. From 1957 to 1960, it became a taped, half-hour series titled Goodyear Theater, seen on Mondays at 9:30pm.

Square One Television 1987

Square One Television is an American children's television program produced by the Children's Television Workshop to teach mathematics and abstract mathematical concepts to young viewers. Created and broadcast by PBS in the United States from January 26, 1987 to November 6, 1992, the show was intended to address the math crisis among American schoolchildren. After the last episode aired, the show went into reruns until May 6, 1994. The show was revived for the 1995–1996 PBS season as a teacher instruction program, Square One TV Math Talk. Square One was also shown on the U.S. cable television channel Noggin in syndication beginning in 1999, but was removed from its lineup along with other Sesame Workshop shows on May 26, 2003.

You Can't Do That on Television 1979

You Can't Do That on Television is a Canadian television program that first aired locally in 1979 before airing internationally in 1981. It featured pre-teen and teenaged actors in a sketch comedy format. Each episode had a theme. The show was notable for launching the careers of many performers, including Alanis Morissette, and writer Bill Prady, who would write and produce shows like The Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls and Dharma and Greg. The show was produced by and aired on Ottawa's CTV station CJOH-TV. After production ended in 1990, the show continued in reruns on Nickelodeon through 1994, when it was replaced with the similar All That. The show is synonymous with Nick, and was at that time extremely popular, with the highest ratings overall on the channel. The show is also well known for introducing the network's iconic slime. The program is the subject of the 2004 feature-length documentary, You Can't Do That on Film, directed by David Dillehunt.

...on Television

"...on Television" or "...on TV", was a long-running late night television programme on ITV. The programme, which was made first by LWT and then Granada Productions, featured a number of clips from unusual or, amusing television programmes and commercials from around the world. The show was first presented by TV critic and journalist Clive James, then celebrity chef Keith Floyd in 1989, and finally Chris Tarrant from 1990 to 2006. The show remained "Tarrant on TV" for 16 years.

Karaoke Television

Karaoke Television, usually called KTV for short, was a live-action music competition airing on Great Belize Television. It premiered in February 2001 and completed six seasons as of October 30, 2007.

Educational Television

Educational Television, shortly known as ETV, is a series of educational television programmes jointly produced by Radio Television Hong Kong and the Education and Manpower Bureau of Hong Kong. ETV has been an auxiliary means for teaching the primary and secondary school curriculum on television since the early 1970s. ETV programmes change with the curriculum from time to time, covering a wide spectrum of topics. Programmes are broadcast during daytime non-peak hours on the English channels of TVB and ATV from Monday to Friday, during the 32 weeks of the school year. As the popularity of the Internet has increased, ETV has made its programmes available on the world wide web on demand.

Television Playhouse 1947

Television Playhouse is an American anthology series that was broadcast live on NBC. The series aired from December 4, 1947 to April 11, 1948. The program was in cooperation with the National Theater and Academy, a federally sponsored theater group, and featured live performances of plays, some of which were by well-known authors. The first presentation was The Last of My Solid Gold Watchers by Tennessee Williams. Each episode was 30 minutes long, and featured actors and actresses who had not reached stardom. A wide variety of plays was presented on the program. Although short-lived, the "live play" format later became very popular during the early 1950s.

TNT television

TNT television was a children's programme shown on Network Ten in Australia. It was aired for two seasons from 2001 till 2002. The programme's timeslot was weekday afternoons for 30 mins from 4:00 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. This show was hosted in both seasons by children; three girls and two boys. Included on the programme: ⁕Cartoon episodes ⁕Cooking ⁕Craft ⁕Special appearances by famous guests ⁕Interviews ⁕Music videos

Flux Television

Flux Television was a pioneering digital culture show that ran on a Public, educational, and government access cable TV channel in New York, San Francisco and San Diego in the mid-1990s. The show predated the electronic music video show Amp that ran on MTV. Wired Magazine proclaimed the show "a half-hour gem, in which electronic music videos collide with excellently reported segments on digital culture." The show received several awards including a Billboard Music Video Award. The show had numerous creative collaborators including Jonathan Wells, designer Bill McMullen, twenty2product, graphic designer David Weissberg, producers Aden Ikram, Randall Hoy and Lisa Braz. David Weissberg and Jonathan Hale Wells later worked on the LowRes Film and Video Festival together.

Television Newsreel

Television Newsreel was a British television programme, the first regular news programme to be made in the UK. Produced by the BBC and screened on the BBC Television Service from 1948 to 1954 at 7.30pm, it adapted the traditional cinema newsreel form for the television audience, covering news and current affairs stories as well as quirkier 'human interest' items, sports and cultural events. The programme's opening title sequence, featuring a graphic of the transmission mast at Alexandra Palace with the title revolving around it, became a well-known image of the time. The theme tune was "Girls in Grey" by Charles Williams and played by the Queen's Hall Light Orchestra. It was published by Chappell on one of their mood music records - it was not specifically written for the newsreel but composed during World War Two for the Women's Junior Air Corps.

Static Television

Static Television is a New Orleans based Public-access television cable TV show that focuses on underground musical acts from all over the world with a focus on Louisiana artists; originally airing on Cox Communications channel 10 in New Orleans on October 16, 2006 with an interview from the Spinto Band. Static Television was originally created by Adam Bandera and Wesley Swinnen. They brought Pami P on as host. Adam Bandera left early in 2007 to pursue other projects. They started their second season on June 26, 2007 with an interview with Fishbone. On May 27, 2008, at the conclusion of the second season Pami P stepped down as host. Static Television has featured interviews from the likes of Of Montreal, Architecture in Helsinki, Dr. Dog, Jamie Lidell, and the Black Lips as well as such local Louisiana bands as Rotary Downs, the Morning 40 Federation, Ballzack, Brass Bed and the Peekers. As well as special appearances from such local personalities as Supa Saint and Lil Doogie; and featuring segments from DNO Video. As well as bringing original programing to New Orleans, Static has also sponsored numerous shows in addition to other cultural events throughout the city since its inception.

Breakfast Television

Breakfast Television, also known as BT, is a Canadian morning news and entertainment program produced by CITY-DT. The program airs from 5:30 a.m. until 9 a.m. ET each weekday, except holidays. Since October 3, 2011, it is also simulcast on cable-exclusive CityNews Channel, with a half-hour extension aired exclusively on the channel that runs from 9-9:30 a.m. Four other Citytv owned-and-operated stations use the name and the format, creating content relevant to their own local audiences. A stations produced their own similar morning shows under the name A Morning, although due to budget cuts, many of them have been canceled as of 2009. BT tends to be more relaxed and spontaneous than American morning shows. Unlike American morning shows, it does not have pre-taped segments that are focused on current events or socio-political issues. The guests tend to be more human interest, informational, and promotional in nature and there is less of a focus on celebrities.

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