Olsenbanden og Data-Harry sprenger verdensbanken 1978

Egon er atter bak murene. Og atter fødes en ny plan. En korrupt diplomat har på ulovlig vis ervervet seg 10 millioner dollar på salg av subsidiert fjellsmør til utlandet. Disse pengene skal "vaskes rene" i den norske avdelingen av Verdensbanken. Egon regner med å få kloa i dem før de når dit.

The First Time 2012

Dave, a high school senior, spends most of his time pining away over a girl he can’t have. Aubrey, a junior with artistic aspirations, has a hot boyfriend who doesn’t quite understand her or seem to care. Although they go to different schools, Dave and Aubrey find themselves at the same party. When both head outside to get some air, they meet. A casual conversation sparks an instant connection, and, over the course of a weekend, things turn magical, romantic, complicated, and funny as Aubrey and Dave discover what it's like to fall in love for the first time.

The Joy of Data 2016

A witty and mind-expanding exploration of data, with mathematician Dr Hannah Fry. This high-tech romp reveals what data is and how it is captured, stored, shared and made sense of. Fry tells the story of the engineers of the data age, people most of us have never heard of despite the fact they brought about a technological and philosophical revolution.

Data Limite segundo Chico Xavier 2014

UFO experts claim that after the explosion of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there was an increase in the number of sightings of UFO'S (Unidentified Flying Objects) worldwide. Just over two decades later, the Brazilian medium Chico Xavier confided to close friends that when man reached the moon on July 20, 1969, happened a meeting with the celestial beings of our solar system to check the progress of humanity. They decided to grant a period of 50 years for humanity to evolve morally and live in peace, without provoking a third world war. If we live in peace until the Deadline, humanity would be ready to enter a new era of its existence, and magnificent feats would be checked everywhere, including our brothers from other planets would be expressly authorized to present themselves publicly and officially to Earth's residents.

Raw Data 2013

Hand-drawn animation with ink, gouache, white-out and coffee

Deadline 2009

A screenwriter who travels to an abandoned house to finish a script on time, but a series of strange events lead her to a psychological breakdown.

No Date, No Signature 2017

Kaveh Nariman is a Doctor in the medical examiner's office. One day at his work he meets a corpse which is very familiar to him.

One More Time 2016

Beautiful aspiring rock star Jude is stuck in a rut - relegated to recording commercial jingles and lost in a series of one night stands. When she is evicted from her Brooklyn apartment, she is forced to move into the Hamptons home of her wealthy - and selfish - father Paul Lombard, an over-the-hill, Sinatra-esque crooner angling for a musical comeback.

Once More With Feeling 2009

A midlife crisis dramatic comedy about a man who pursues his old ambition to become a singer through karaoke.

Maybe This Time 2014

"Steph Asuncion and Tonio Bugayong were once in love. Back then, she was a young girl who wanted a simple life and he was older, more ambitious than she was. Tonio was a small town guy who wants to board a ship to provide for his family’s furniture business. Sarah was a Manila girl who spends the summer in the province for community service. What might have been a sweet relationship ended sourly when Tonio left without saying goodbye. Steph was heartbroken and it taught her to dream bigger to be worthy of love. Will their paths cross again? Will they overcome the pains of the past to give love a second chance? This is a story between two people who will be reminded about the importance of being true to one’s self in order for true love to happen."


When we feel The Earth beneath our feet, see it with our eyes, hear it when the wind blows, we perceive only the most obvious filaments of a far more complex place. Only with exquisite machines--spacecraft in orbit and powerful computers on the ground--can humanity begin to uncover the elegant nature of our complex home. Presented here are a collection of data visualizations based on observations gathered by a fleet of spacecraft. In various depictions we see the currents of the world's oceans, changes in temperature and land cover over time, and precipitation as it cycles energy and water around our living planet. But The Earth is only one part of a dynamic sphere, and with its companion The Moon nearby, we cannot hlep but remeber that our whole planet travels in a wider ocean. This video presents Earth's Moon with data gathered by the remarkable Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, an advanced probe designed to map our planetary companion in unprecedented detail.

Data for Decision 1968

This short documentary is a portrait of the early era of computing and the process and implications of the digitization of large amounts of information. Examining the arduous work of assessing and documenting the geographical landscape, including sampling and analysis of soil, forestry, timber, wildlife, resources, industrial sites, and many other aspects, we see that human beings alone couldn't handle the vast amount of information that is collected. A new kind of computer (an “instant library”), the Canada Land Inventory Geo-information System, was developed to help manage and develop Canadian land. This film examines the workings of this new and mysterious machine.

Desire for Data 2016

In Canada, at a night-time garden party, a group of young adults are busy chatting each other up; Dylan and Molly seem unable to get over their break-up, Carly has Dylan in her sights, Molly is seducing Noel to rouse his ex’s jealousy; as for Michelle, she is speaking to Charlie about their one-night fling… Already interspersed by individual daytime interviews, where each envisages his or her near future, this chronicle of an ordinary party is suddenly analysed, manipulated, tabulated: a group of young French statisticians note the attractions, signs of seduction, and anticipate the probability that couples will form.

Data Mining The Deceased 2018

“Data Mining the Deceased” prods the industry behind the exponential intensity in genealogy. What are the motivations of the key players and how are their ambitions affecting the millions of North Americans who are searching for answers?

AFTERWARDS - Data for 2017 2018

"..the pieces of the mosaic depicting a version of the contemporary Greek society characterized by solidarity, by the need to enhance cooperation and reflection on our lives in order to claim a more spiritual every day life.."

The Human Face of Big Data 2016

With the rapid emergence of digital devices, an unstoppable, invisible force is changing human lives in ways from the microscopic to the gargantuan: Big Data, a word that was barely used a few years ago but now governs the day for many of us from the moment we awaken to the extinguishing of the final late-evening light bulb. This massive gathering and analyzing of data in real time is allowing us to not only address some of humanity biggest challenges but is also helping create a new kind of planetary nervous system. Yet as Edward Snowden and the release of the Prism documents have shown, the accessibility of all these data comes at a steep price. The Human Face of Big Data captures the promise and peril of this extraordinary knowledge revolution.

Platinum Data 2013

Set in the year 2017, the Japanese government attempts to secretly control the DNA of its people.

Journalism in the Age of Data 2010

Journalists are coping with the rising information flood by borrowing data visualization techniques from computer scientists, researchers and artists. Some newsrooms are already beginning to retool their staffs and systems to prepare for a future in which data becomes a medium. But how do we communicate with data, how can traditional narratives be fused with sophisticated, interactive information displays?

Red Data Girl 2013

Izumiko Suzuhara (15) was born and raised at Tamakura Shrine, and always destroys any electrical device she touches. She decides to try living in the city, and enrolls in Houjou High School in Tokyo. With her are her guardians son and Izumiko's childhood friend Miyuki Sagara. While she's there, an entity called "Himegami" appears. She learns she is something called a "kami" a vessel for a shinto spirit, while Miyuki is a "yamabushi", a warrior meant to protect the "kami."

Digimon: Data Squad

Masaru, is a second year Junior High student, and is undefeated in battle, He meets the Digital Monster Agumon, who has escaped from DATS, a secret government organization. Despite terrible first impressions, the two become best friends by talking with their "fists". With others, Masaru and Agumon work to investigate various incidents involving the Digital World and Digital Monsters, to try and get to the bottom of things.

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