The Process 1972

This film by Stan Brakhage investigates the process of memory and thought by melting a series of images and a field of color. The positive-negative flickering graphs a sort of shutter-window all over the matter of the vision. Jittery flocks of space are interweaving as pieces of language in a scant illumination, whereas the process of thought is sheared in fuzzy transience.

Process 2004

A woman is on the verge of killing herself, in reverse.

Process Red 1966

An experimental short film by Hollis Frampton of contrasting colours.

Sampha: Process 2017

Process is a striking, avant-garde portrait of Sampha using documentary-style footage to depict his roots in Morden, South London, and Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The Trial 2018

The impeachment and removal from office of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in 2016 was triggered by a corruption scandal involving, among others, her then vice-president Michel Temer. Director Maria Augusta Ramos follows the trial against Rousseff from the point of view of her defence team. This is a courtroom drama that unfolds slowly; the appearances of the various parties gradually turn the proceedings into something akin to theatre. Inside the courtroom, grand emotions are played to full effect whilst, on the other side of the doors, lobbyists and supporters pace the corridors. Meanwhile, outside, in front of Brasília’s modernist government buildings, demonstrators are chanting like a Greek chorus. Only the main character, Dilma Rousseff herself, remains professional and aloof.

From Nothing, Something: A Documentary on the Creative Process 2012

Everyone has ideas. But what where do they come from? And what ensures they keep coming? How do you sort the genius ideas from the useless ones? Why invest all this hope and energy into making things in the first place? From Nothing, Something profiles creative thinkers across a variety of disciplines and finds common methods, habits, mindsets and neuroses that help bring breakthrough ideas into being. This is a thoughtful, intimate, often funny look at the creative process—straight from the brains of some of our culture's most accomplished and inspiring talents.

The Trial 1962

An unassuming office worker is arrested and stands trial, but he is never made aware of his charges.

Abduction 2009

ABDUCTION: The town of Process is located somewhere in rural New Jersey. It's been in existence for over 100 years, although it's not on any known map. It's a nice place to visit, with lovely shops and friendly people. That is unless you are single, young, healthy and good looking! It's even worse if you are a female of childbearing age. The town has a very lucrative underground and Internet business specializing in selling human organs for transplant, selling babies to loving couples who are barren and auctioning young women into sex slavery.

Danton 1983

Danton and Robespierre were close friends and fought together in the French Revolution, but by 1793 Robespierre was France's ruler, determined to wipe out opposition with a series of mass executions that became known as the Reign of Terror. Danton, well known as a spokesman of the people, had been living in relative solitude in the French countryside, but he returned to Paris to challenge Robespierre's violent rule and call for the people to demand their rights. Robespierre, however, could not accept such a challenge, even from a friend and colleague, and he blocked out a plan for the capture and execution of Danton and his allies.

Creative Process: Norman McLaren 1990

Norman McLaren was a cinematic genius who made films without cameras, and music without instruments. He produced sixty films in a stunning range of styles and techniques, collecting over 200 international awards, and world recognition. In Creative Process, director Donald McWilliams demystifies the process of artistic creation. Drawing on McLaren's private film vaults, a gold mine of experimental footage and uncompleted films, McWilliams explores McLaren's methods, including his celebrated "pixillation" technique, and his daring forays into animated surrealism.

Hardwood Process 1996

A history of scarred surfaces, an inquiry, and an imagining: for the marks we see and the marks we make, for the languages we can read and for those we are trying to learn. Reproduced by hand on an old contact printer resulting in individual, unique release prints.

The Eichmann Show 2015

The behind-the-scenes true life story of a groundbreaking producer, Milton Fruchtman, and blacklisted TV director Leo Hurwitz who, overcoming enormous obstacles, set out to capture the testimony of one of the war's most notorious Nazis, Adolf Eichmann, who is accused of executing the 'final solution' and organising the murder of 6 million Jews. This is the extraordinary story of how the trial came to be televised and the team that made it happen.

The Trial of the Incredible Hulk 1989

On the run again, Dr. David Banner is jailed for assault after interrupting a mugging. Blind attorney Matt Murdock enlists Banner's help in locating the muggers because he believes they work for his longtime foe, Fisk, the head of an international crime network. But David, afraid of public exposure, breaks out of jail as the Hulk. Tracking David down, Murdock reveals his own secret: His blindness came from a radioactive spill, and after developing his other senses so incredibly, he has become the amazingly athletic crime fighter called Daredevil. Fisk must now face off against Daredevil and the Incredible Hulk!

The King's Trial 1990

Portugal's submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1990

Processo alla città 1952

Turn-of-the-century Naples. Salvatore Ruotolo and his wife are murdered and their bodies are found in different locations. Since the evidence points to a crime by the Neapolitan crime organization, the Camorra, fear and corruption cause serious hindrances to the investigation by police authorities. In charge is a young and courageous judge who, using evidence discovered by chance, tries to reconstruct the story of the double murder. The plot that the judge must unravel is very complicated. Many people are questioned, even those apparently above suspicion. Deciding to get to the bottom of the matter, the judge keeps all the suspects under arrest, causing a backlash of public opinion. But in the face of passive resistance which he finds everywhere, even from his own colleagues and family, he begins to feel discouraged and is about to give up the investigation when a new piece of evidence comes to light.

The Trial of Joan of Arc 1962

A reconstruction of the trial of Joan of Arc based entirely on the transcripts of the real-life trial, concerning Joan's imprisonment, interrogation and final execution at the hands of the English.

Nuremberg 2000

Justice Robert H. Jackson leads Allied prosecutors in trying 21 Germans for Nazi war crimes after World War II.

Due Process

Due Process is a legal television show on New Jersey Network. First started in 1996, Due Process has been continually broadcasting about New Jersey's legal community for 14 years. In its 15th season, Due Process is NJN’s award-winning weekly series on law and justice issues. Hosted by Raymond M. Brown and Sandra King, Due Process is a half-hour show usually composed of a pre-recorded segment followed by a discussion with up to three guests. Recent issues include the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the Pew Study on Prisons, the nature of corruption in New Jersey, and the strides made towards diversity in the legal profession. Henrietta Parker is the coordinating producer for the show, which shares technical resources with other NJN shows like Another View, Images/Imagenes, and NJN News. As part of public television, Due Process is dependent on outside support which it receives in part from the New Jersey State Bar Foundation and IOLTA Fund of the Bar of New Jersey, as well as the Fund for New Jersey. A typical season of Due Process is composed of 16 episodes, although the 13th season had 18 episodes. In 14 seasons, Due Process has produced more than 225 episodes, and won fourteen Emmys and received 75 Emmy nominations. It airs Sundays at 9:30 am and 6:30 pm, and Tuesdays at 11:30 pm. Each week's episode can be viewed any time on the Due Process website.

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