The Apartment 1960

Bud Baxter is a minor clerk in a huge New York insurance company, until he discovers a quick way to climb the corporate ladder. He lends out his apartment to the executives as a place to take their mistresses. Although he often has to deal with the aftermath of their visits, one night he's left with a major problem to solve.

Joe's Apartment 1996

A nice guy has just moved to New York and discovers that he must share his run-down apartment with a couple thousand singing, dancing cockroaches.

Apartment 1303 3D 2012

A woman uncovers sinister secrets while investigating the apparent suicide of her sister.

Emergo 2011

A team of parapsychologists sets out to investigate a series of anomalous phenomena taking place in a newly occupied apartment. Telephone calls with no caller, mysterious shadows, extraordinary light emissions, flying objects, and exploding light bulbs are some of the events they will face while recording their every step with state-of-the-art technology. Using infrared filming, digital photography, psychophonic recordings, movement detectors, and magnetic field alteration meters, the group’s attempts to contact the “other side” will grow increasingly dangerous as they near a point of no return.

Apartment 212 2017

Jennifer Conrad is a small-town girl starting over in the big city. Fleeing an abusive relationship, all she wants is a chance to begin again. But it is hard to start over when something is eating you while you sleep . . . on painful bite at a time.

Apartment 12 2001

In this goofy comedy, Mark Ruffalo (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND) stars as Alex, a struggling painter going through a particularly bad patch. Dumped by his girlfriend and unable to get work, Alex finds his life taking a rare upswing when he moves into a new apartment and falls for his neighbor, Lori (Beth Ulrich). But when things start to go wrong between Alex and Lori, their close proximity to each another proves to have an enormous downside, leading to further amusing antics as Ruffalo proves his comedic chops.

Apartment Troubles 2014

Two codependent roommates, on the verge of eviction, flee New York for the promise of sunshine in Los Angeles where their friendship is tested by a chance at fame, a fortune teller and an amorous wealthy aunt.

Apartment 1303 2007

While celebrating with her friends in her new cheaply rented apartment (with balcony and view of the sea) on the thirteenth floor of a building, the young Sayaka unexpectedly jumps off the balcony committing suicide. Her mother goes insane and her older sister, Mariko, decides to investigate the mysterious death of her sister. She finds that there have been many suicides of young women living in apartment 1303. She finds a book telling the tragic story of the Yukiyo and her mother, the first tenants of the apartment and uncovers the truth behind the suicides.

Apartment for Peggy 1948

Professor Henry Barnes decides he's lived long enough and contemplates suicide. His attitude is changed by Peggy Taylor, a chipper young mother-to-be who charms him into renting out his attic as an apartment for her and her husband Jason, a former GI struggling to finish college.

The Apartment 1996

A stylish suspense thriller that confounds the audience while presenting them with an extraordinary and elusive mystery. Max is a former playboy who has decided to settle down by marrying his current love, Muriel. However, during a business trip, Max catches a glimpse of the great lost love of his life, reviving his wanderlust and sending him off on a chase of the elusive Lisa, whom he had overheard suggesting to a friend that her lover, Daniel, had killed someone for her. Soon, Max is trying to unravel the mystery behind the suspicious death of Daniel's wife, which he hopes will lead him closer to Lisa.

Tokiwa: The Manga Apartment 1996

There still stands a famous apartment building where such prominent manga artists as Tezuka Osamu, Shotaro Ishinomori and Fujio Akatsuka once lived, worked, and shared experiences.

Widow Apartment 2007

Misaki’s husband Ken’ichi dies in a car accident soon after their marriage. As the first anniversary of his death nears, Misaki is still in mourning for Ken’ichi. Ken’ichi had managed the Sunrise Villa apartments, which his parents have managed after his death. A psychic claims to have received word from Ken’ichi’s spirit that he wants the apartments to be kept running responsibly. Misaki, believing the psychic, takes charge of the apartments, working as the landlady, performing repairs, and responding to the demands of the tenants… However wierd they are…

Apartment Wife: Affair In the Afternoon 1971

A working-class housewife is sexually unsatisfied by her husband. When she seeks extramarital relationships, her affairs are discovered by a brothel-owner who then blackmails the woman into working as a prostitute for her.

Girl's Apartment 1964

Tibere (Sami Frey) is a small-time hood who tries to get one of three airline hostesses to help him in his gold-smuggling operation in this light comedy. One woman is a snob, the second is adventurous, and Melanie (Mylene Demongeot) is sentimental about love. When Melanie and Tibere fall for each other, he is inspired to give up his life of crime for the woman he loves.

The Apartment Complex 1999

A graduate student named Stan becomes the manager of an apartment complex which is quite uncommon. The tenants are all quite eccentric and uncommon characters, and the place is quite run down in certain spots. The previous manager had disappeared in mysterious circumstances. When cleaning the mucky pool, Stan encounters a corpse. The odd detectives that come to investigate seem to blame him. Then more bizarre, potentially deadly occurrences happen. Soon, Stan's life is in danger, if not his sanity. However, the odd tenants all befriend him and may be his only hope

The Spanish Apartment 2002

A strait-laced French student moves into an apartment in Barcelona with a cast of six other characters from all over Europe. Together, they speak the international language of love and friendship.

World Apartment Horror 1991

A Yakuza underling is given the assignment to rid an apartment of its tenants within a week. He tries a variety of desperate tactics to no avail. Soon his problems get worse as an evil spirit makes its presence known.

Apartment 2010

Preeti Sengupta (Tanushree Dutta) is an airhostess living in with her boyfriend Karan Malhotra (Rohit Roy). They share a nice 2BHK apartment in the northern suburbs of Mumbai and are befriended by their elderly neighbor Madhusudan Tanha (Anupam Kher), a struggling poet and lyricist. Tanha is a loner living with his only companion, a Persian cat whom he lovingly calls Shehzadi. Preeti is possessive and has issues with trust. When she mistakenly suspects her boyfriend to be unfaithful, she throws him out of the house but soon realizes she can't afford the payment on the apartment on her own. On the advice of a fellow airhostess, she advertises for a tenant to share her apartment. Enter Neha Bhardwaj (Neetu Chandra), a modest small-town girl asking for accommodation. Very impressed by her simplicity and respectfulness, Preeti believes she has found a perfect roommate. The two girls soon become close - their camaraderie leads them to even become companions.

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