National Idea in Ukraine 2012

Oksana’s subject in university is Ukrainian Studies, but outside the school she’s interested in intercultural relationships. The girl’s main interest is handsome rich foreigners. There’s countless amount of European countries flags at Oksana’s desk. Sometimes there’s more of them, sometimes there’s less. The girl can’t wait till there’s only one flag left. During the fifth year of the Ukrainian Studies course and her exploration of intercultural relationships the girl realizes that she’s more interested in her university subject. The last flag off the desk goes to trash…

Ukraine Is Not a Brothel 2013

Ukraine's topless feminist sensation Femen has created a media frenzy across Europe, but before they take the world by storm, these bold and beautiful women must confront the dark and perverse forces that power their organisation.

Battle for Ukraine 2014

In the film Battle for Ukraine Andrei Konchalovsky, the famous Russian director, analyzes how Ukraine, a former part of the Soviet Empire and present big European country, struggles to escape from the close embrace of the former big brother, Russia, and not to become one of the American satellites. This extensive study lasted for almost three years. Many Ukrainian, Russian and American historians, politicians and journalists took part in this study, as well as the ex-President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski, the ex-President of Slovakia Rudolf Schuster, the ex-President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze, the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, the ex-Prime Minister of Russia Viktor Chernomyrdin, and the businessman Boris Berezovsky.

48 Hours in Ukraine

In April 2008, HORSE the band drove to Ukraine to play their songs for Ukrainians. HORSE the band proudly presents the feature-length teaser for their upcoming 15-hour Rock Odyssey, EARTH TOUR 2008 - Desperate Living: "WE FLOODED IT, AND THERE’S YOGHURT EVERYWHERE AKA 48 HOURS IN UKRAINE" A raw and raucous account of the events surrounding their brief yet bountiful Soviet sojourn, filmed in HD. By turns hilarious and horrible, you’ll witness elation, desperation, misery, destruction, inebriation, dejection, pitfalls, pratfalls, dancing, bathing, and unconscionable acts of malice…

Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom 2015

A documentary on the unrest in Ukraine during 2013 and 2014, as student demonstrations supporting European integration grew into a violent revolution calling for the resignation of President Viktor F. Yanukovich.

Once upon a time in Ukraine 2014

Whilst the first shots ring out between pro-Russian government forces and members of the opposition in the winter of 2013, young Nina leaves Crimea. She was raped by a corrupt policeman, her friend was killed, and now she seeks refuge with the protesters on Maidan Square. Revolutionary chaos prevails, and it‘s not at all clear who remains loyal to whom and which means can be regarded as legitimate in the struggle for freedom. Ultimately Nina and her tormentors come face to face again and the spiral of violence is stepped up a further notch. The film was shot to a genuine backdrop, the result of which is a multifaceted allegory on the tragedy currently playing out in the Ukraine.

Mazeppa, der Volksheld der Ukraine 1919

The film tells the story of Ivan Mazeppa, a Ukrainian page at the Polish court who has an affair with the young wife of a much older count. Outraged when he learns of the incident, the nobleman has Mazeppa tied naked to a wild horse which is then released into the wilderness. The bulk of the poem describes the long hazardous journey during which Mazeppa almost dies twice but ultimately survives and returns to his native Ukraine.

A Musical Journey: Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan 2009

Accompanied by the magical music of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, this edition of the series discovers many of Russia's most historic cities. In addition to excursions through Moscow, Uzbekistan and Ukraine, this entertaining, enthralling journey leads viewers on a tour of St. Petersburg's Marïinsky Theatre, where -- fittingly -- Tchaikovsky's masterworks "The Nutcracker" and "The Sleeping Beauty" first debuted.

The Face of Ukraine: Casting Oksana Baiul 2015

Adorned in pink sequins, little girls from all over a divided, war-torn Ukraine audition to play the role of a national hero whose tears of joy once united their troubled country, the gold-winning figure skater Oksana Baiul.

Ukraine in Flames 1943

A 1943 Soviet documentary war film by Ukrainian director Alexander Dovzhenko and Yuliya Solntseva. It is Dovzhenko's second World War II documentary, and dealt with the Battle of Kharkov. The film incorporates German footage of the invasion of Ukraine, which was later captured by the Soviets.

Once Upon a Time in Ukraine: The War 2016

The shooting on Maidan does not give rest to the former activist - his friend is killed. Seeking the culprits, he himself, along with his companion, is captured by a field commander, the callsign of an ideologist who seized part of the territory of Ukraine. Having established his laws, he does not obey anyone and commits lynching. Hostages fall into the family of three militant brothers. They try to exchange them. A period of 6 days is determined, otherwise death. But a series of conflicts that has arisen tears the family of militants from within.

Caged Combat: Vol. 2: Kiev, Ukraine

Russian MMA legend Igor Vovchanchyn and a menacing gang of former KGB fighters welcome a band of American contenders behind the former Iron Curtain for this round of action-packed steel cage matches. Among the notable gladiators representing the United States are Paul "the Polar Bear" Varelans and the hard-hitting John Lober.

Breaking Point: The War for Democracy in Ukraine 2017

BREAKING POINT: The War for Democracy in Ukraine looks at people transformed by a democratic revolution, who give up their normal lives to fight a Russian invasion, in a war which has killed 10,000 and displaced 1.9 million Ukrainians.

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