Mei luan tou jia 1989

BNB is a film of puzzling contradictions. It has the look of a cheapie, with awful washy colouration and mostly filmed in a poor fishing hamlet, yet starring some of Taiwan's top acting talent. The story veers madly between plain sincerity and outrageous wacky comedy. The characters, convincingly innocent and and credibly naive, discuss sexually charged health problems in full detail. Elephantitis is a traumatic condition, literally grotesque, but the sufferers conduct themselves with unusual cheerfulness. They don't show any physical strain, even with testicles weighing ten kilograms. Ouch.

Two Assassins of the Darkness 1977

Two hitmen arrive in a small town, each becoming aware of the other due to a mix-up over intended targets. One killer (Yi Chang) falls for a girl (Chung-Erh Lung) whose brother (Dong Wai) is in trouble. This leads Chang to investigate the employer of the other killer (Don Wong).

Luang ta 1981

It shows the importance of Buddhist abbots in Thai society. A young man, without parents and who has always lived in temples ("DEK WAT" -Temple Boy), is in love with a young woman. Her parents don't want a poor groom. Hopefully the abbot is here.

Beautiful Crazy 2009

Three young girls on their way to adulthood. Xiao-Bu fights over a cigarette with her friend Angel. Ah-Mi sleeps with Xiao-Bu’s boyfriend. He is very popular and lets Angel steal a kiss. Can it get any worse? Life with a depressive, alcoholic father, who can only stare out of the window, for example. Or is it actually worse when dove excrements ruin the new dress that was supposed to be worn on the date with a handsome guy? When you are 17, a coin can still be thrown in order to make decisions. Should the friendship with Angel remain? Is everything that happened a coincidence? Adolescence without emotional chaos is like a life without reason. Is it really of importance who loves who the most, or is it just a game?

Rostov-Luanda 1998

Sissako visits a war-torn Angola after thirty years of war in search of a friend and thereby through interviews reflects on the lost utopias of a generation of Africans who experienced the liberation struggles. His camera is witness to the dislocation and despair of those he encounters living in Angola, however he also discovers the resilient spirit of Africa and optimism for its future in unexpected ways.

Luanda – Kinshasa 2013

In a meticulous reconstruction of a famous New York studio session, musicians jam for hours non-stop. Inspired by Godard’s film portrait of The Rolling Stones recording their hit single Sympathy for the Devil, Stan Douglas evokes a 1973 Miles Davis recording session.

Escape from Luanda 2007

In Luanda, one of the world's poorest and most dangerous places, three students from Angola's only music school work towards their end-of-year concert. The Music School is Angola's first and only school of its kind. It houses some 80 students, most of them desperately poor. Many face disapproval and outright rejection from their families who can't see a future in music. This film asks if, despite the ravages of 27 years of civil war, musical passion can overcome terrible hardships.

Taking Lives 2004

Recruited to assist Montreal police in their desperate search for a serial killer who assumes the identities of his victims, FBI profiler Illeana Scott knows it's only a matter of time before the killer strikes again. Her most promising lead is a museum employee who might be the killer's only eyewitness.

Good Morning, Luang Prabang 2008

Sorn, a multiracial photographer, is assigned by his editor to take pictures of Laos, where he’s reluctant to go. Even though, Sorn is half-Laotian, going back to his homeland is never on his mind. Sorn arrives at Pak-Cher town where he hires a guide, Noi to take him out to the best picture spots in Laos. They go from LeePee waterfall, Korn-Papeang, all the way to See-Pun hill, which is an island on the Mae Khong River. Unfortunately, it’s Noi’s first time being a tour guide. She keeps taking them in the wrong direction. They have to ride and cruise all over. As a result, Sorn have to go back to his childhood home. By the time he gets there, Sorn finds out that his remaining family still remembers him more than 10 years later and welcomes him with open arms. Sorn gradually sees Laos as his own home. At the same time, Sorn develops a crush on Noi and treats her like a princess. However, believing that Sorn leave, Noi tries to avoid seeing Sorn as much as possible.

Luang Phi Kab Phi Khanun 2009

Sua, a sophisticated swindler is in trouble when he's being chased by a venturesome, Agent Kongdet. Tired of running away and convinced by his mother, Sua hurriedly abandons his trickster status and turns into a monk. But being a monk is not that easy, Sua must learn many religious lessons as well as handle a horror that can make his hair stand on end when a mischievous ghost of an old woman wakes up from her coffin and starts to haunt people around the temple.

Double Fixation 1987

Yonfan’s homage to Alfred Hitchcock blends elements from 1950s classics such as "Rear Window" and "To Catch a Thief" with the general framework of "Vertigo". An unidentified femme fatale and a photographer embark on a romantic adventure surrounding a mysterious marble.

Profiles of Pleasure 1988

Before the Big Ban on prostitution, West Hong Kong is famous for its houses of pleasure. The most infamous of them all is Floral Ode House. Among its girls are Yen Hung, who becomes a widow regularly; aristocratic Chien Chien; Cherry Fun, who manages to lose the nickname; and a bevy of beauties. The madam who is on good terms with the police chief claims the best business this side of virtue. Then there comes from England Cheng Li-Peng, commissioned to ban prostitution. He is engaged to Lily, the police chief's daughter. But his parents had arranged a wife for him when he was an infant. They have lost trace of each other. Cheng Li-Peng starts his investigation, which lead him to Yen Hung's and Chien Chien's bedrooms. He is surprised to find himself in love with all three girls. And one of them turns out to be his missing fiancee!

Jai Luang, ใจลวง

Raveet and Pring are cousins, however, Pring is envious of Raveet because Raveet has everything. Due to their jealousy, they try to take away everything good in Raveet's life. Raveet blames them for her mother leaving. Thaywa is a single father with a daughter, Tawan. He fell in love at first sight with Raveet however, Raveet believes that he is an irresponsible father and a player, Da, Thaywa's sister, hates Raveet andblamed her for the death of her husband, Prasin. She wants Raveet to suffer for this. Thaywa is torn between his sister and the one he loves

Charming Deception 2013

The Vichawayt were a wealthy family. They have a big house and are owners of a big corporation, a construction company but once their parents died via a vehicle accident the three remaining children were left to face this important twist of faith in their lives. Asit, the older brother of the family and his wife, Lalita took over the family’s construction business. Orncha, the second sister took care of everything in the household. Arnus, the youngest sister studied in England but because of the changes in her financial state Nus has to find a benefactor to finance her education – she received aid from Pa, an old man named Chart from Thailand. Chart felt a familiar connection with Nus who reminded him of his daughter whom life was cut short by a car accident. She too was named Nus. Subsequently, the Vichawayt’s contruction company will be hired by a young millionaire magnate named Krao Supagan who offered the company a contract to build a grand hotel costing several hundreds millions bahts. Arnus came back to Thailand with her best friend, Gonwik and met Krao who went to pick Wik up at the airport for the first time. Because Krao and Wik have feeling for one another it was not surprising that Krao and Nus were to meet each other often at Wik’s house. (Krao is actually Wik’s distance relative whom she is secretly in love with. She called him Uncle Krao.) Nus saw Krao as an enigma, a strange person but she missed him when he’s not around. Nus’s feeling for Chaithong, her boyfriend changed for when he offered her marriage Nus refused and declared she’s not ready yet. Then Chart fell sick – it was revealed to Nus that her Pa is actually Krao’s uncle. Arnus accepted to be Chart’s caretaker which went according to Krao’s plan. Krao then continued on with his scheme by going after Orncha and Lalita, every woman of the Vichawayt will be under his wrath. The situation got worst for the Vichawayt when debt collectors came after their family home, if they didn’t pay up their house will get seize. Krao helped the family by giving them 20 million baht to borrow but because the money was his the house became his property. Then Asit got into an accident giving Krao the opportunity to get close to his wife. Krao had an affair with Lalita and the two were seem by Chaithong who brought the news to Arnus. Arnus hated Krao and was disappointed by the conduct of the two. As for Orncha, Krao brought her stuffs and flirted heavily with her. He told her to break up with Pharop, her lover. Orn believed him and broke up with her boyfriend. Once Arnus found out about the break up she told Krao to stop his involvements with her sister and sister-in-law. Krao then offered her marriage as a solution which she agreed because she felt sorry for her brother and wanted to help her sister who used to say she hated Krao but has now fallen in love with him. Both Lalita and Orncha were sadden and upset by this news. Orn quietly married Pharop as a result of her grief over Krao. As for Wik, she was very hurt by her best friend’s wedding to Krao that she went to live in America with her family. Krao gave Nus a one year contract in the marriage before he can divorce her, a promise he made to his uncle who knew why he wanted to marry her. On their wedding night Krao proceeded with his plan and raped Nus to be his wife. He also told her his reason for doing so – he revealed to her that the Vichawayt family deserved all of this because his mom was raped by her dad. Nus’s dad raped a woman despite knowing that she already has a son and husband and that husband was none other than his old friend, the man that helped him to richness with his business. His mother was hurt – being overwhelmed with shame she committed suicide. Lalita still have feeling for Krao, after she divorced her husband she tried to seduce Krao but he got angry with her. He found her repulsive. He scolded her harshly and asked her if she still remember Chewit or not, the guy who got his heart broken by her and committed suicide as a result of that heartache. Chewit was Krao’s younger brother, everything Krao did to Lalita was out of revenge not love. Krao told Lalita that she’s nothing to him but a cheap woman. Furious and hurt by his words Lalita took out a gun to shoot Krao but Nus took the bullet for him instead landing her in a critical condition in the hospital. Times passed by, Orn gave birth to her first child with Pharop, Asit went to America to gain work experience, Lalita was sentenced to jail time for her crime, and Anus made a complete recovery from being shot. Krao told Arnus about his feeling for her, the truth was that he love the angel named Arnus.

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