The Bad News Bears Go to Japan 1978

In this third film version of the Bad News Bears series, Tony Curtis plays a small time promotor/hustler who takes the pint-sized baseball team to Japan for a match against the country's best little league baseball team which sparks off a series of adventures and mishaps the boys come into.

Good News 1947

At fictitious Tait University in the Roaring 20's, co-ed and school librarian Connie Lane falls for football hero Tommy Marlowe. Unfortunately, he has his eye on gold-digging vamp Pat McClellan. Tommy's grades start to slip, which keeps him from playing in the big game. Connie eventually finds out Tommy really loves her and devises a plan to win him back and to get him back on the field.

Hot News 1953

An ex-prize fighter -- now reporter -- tries to expose a gambling ring after an uneven bout in the ring kills a pugilist.

Love Is News 1937

When a crafty reporter uses false pretenses to get a story out of heiress Tony Gateson, she turns the tables on him, telling the press that they are engaged. Suddenly he's front page news, every salesman is at his doorstep, and he loses his job. A series of misadventures ensues with him alternately back on his job and fired and her ex-fiance showing up. Can an heiress be a human being, and can a reporter get a scoop?

News Is Made at Night 1939

Newspaper editor (Foster) will do almost anything to increase circulation. He campaigns to free a condemned man while accusing a wealthy ex-criminal of a string of murders.

Inside The News 2014

Created in 1944, Le Monde soon celebrates its 70th anniversary. The film considers the closest upheavals of the press, from blogging to tweeting, print to the web... A vivid and sensitive portrayal of one of the most prestigious world press titles, and a turbulent profession.

Yesterday's News

Delilah James and her best friend Jenner have no interest in being popular, but when the hottest clique in the school finds out Delilah might become the lead reporter for the Brighton Bugle they try to force her into slandering their rival cliques. To make things more complicated Delilah has fierce competition in a journalist exchange student who also starts competing with Delilah over her crush!

News Hounds 1990

Every cub reporter wants a front page 'splash' and the journalists from The Brit, a top-selling daily tabloid, are no exception. They're on the trail of a sensational story and their jobs depend on it.

The Good News 2009

The story about Nazarudin, a hearse driver, and Safi'i, a father who ran from his son. Both of them are bound into a journey that will change their life together.

News from Afar 2005

Under the notion that "you can not change the future, but the past," a young woman who has grown up in a poor village in the highlands, embarks on a spiritual journey to Mexico City seeking to break the cycle of family alienation and find hope. Fate will return to the source to destroy and start over.

News Weed Rollers 2011

When his girlfriend Olivia dumps him for his rival drug-seller, the marijuana pusher Ludovic takes revenge with the help of his loyal customer Vincent who was already cheated by the same guy.

Waiting for News 2014

Marcel is a 7-year-old boy who lives in an orphanage in Serui, Papua. He awaits news from his older brother, Hans, who left for the capital city to become a professional football player.

The Last News 2016

This is the journey of Sarmista, an upright and honest investigative journalist through the web of media politics and her fight for the truth. She braves various situations to capture news at great personal risk only to realize, to her horror and disbelief, that the channel won't telecast her report.

The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training 1977

Sentimental sequel film finds the Bears, somehow, the little league champions of California. As a result, the team is invited to play a between-games exhibition at the Houston Astrodome with the local champs, the Toros. Kelly Leak, the Bears' star player, decides to rejoin the team and go with them to Houston to make amends with his estranged father, Mike

Behind the News 1940

As suggested by its title, Behind the News was a "stop the presses!" yarn set in a big-city newsroom. Lloyd Nolan is top-billed as a cynical reporter with a penchant for sticking his neck out too far. Frank Albertson costars as a cub reporter fresh out of journalism school, whose presence is resented by Nolan and his fellow workers. But it is Albertson who, after running afoul of the law, is instrumental in breaking up a ring of racketeers. Behind the News was remade by Republic as Headline Hunters (55).

News from Home 1977

Chantal Akerman, the Belgian filmmaker, lives in New York. Filmed images of the City are accompanied by the texts of Chantal Akerman's loving but manipulative mother back home in Brussels. The City comes more and more to the front while the words of the mother, read by Akerman herself, gradually fade away.

Have I Got News for You 1990

Hilarious, totally-irreverent, near-slanderous political quiz show, based mainly on news stories from the last week or so, that leaves no party, personality or action unscathed in pursuit of laughs.

NBC Nightly News 1970

NBC Nightly News is the flagship daily evening television news program for NBC News, the news division of the NBC television network in the United States, and is the #1-rated newscast in America. NBC Nightly News is produced from Studio 3B at NBC Studios at 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City. Since 2015, the broadcast has been anchored by Lester Holt on weeknights, José Díaz-Balart on Saturday and Kate Snow on Sunday. On weeknights, it is broadcast live over most NBC stations from 6:30-7:00 p.m. Eastern and occasionally updated for Pacific Time Zone viewers in a "Western Edition". Its current theme music was composed by John Williams.

New York News 1995

New York News is a newspaper drama which was broadcast in the United States by CBS as part of its 1995 fall lineup.

Not The Nine O'Clock News 1979

Not the Nine O'Clock News is a television comedy sketch show which was broadcast on BBC2 from 1979 to 1982. Originally shown as a comedy alternative to the Nine O'Clock News on BBC1, it featured satirical sketches on current news stories and popular culture, as well as parody songs, comedy sketches, re-edited videos, and spoof television formats. The show featured Rowan Atkinson, Pamela Stephenson, Mel Smith, and Griff Rhys Jones, as well as Chris Langham in the first series. The format was a deliberate departure from the Monty Python's Flying Circus stream-of-consciousness meta-comedy, returning to a more conventional sketch show format. Sketches were mostly self-contained, lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes and often had a degree of naturalism in performance. The series launched the careers of several high-profile actors and writers, and also led to other comedy series including Blackadder, Mr. Bean, and Alas Smith and Jones.

Have I Got a Bit More News for You 2007

Based on the week's news, Have I Got News For You is fronted by guest hosts and features two regular team captains, Paul Merton and Ian Hislop. Each week the show invites two guests to cast a jaundiced eye over the week's news, resulting in a fast flow of anarchic, spontaneous and hugely entertaining wit and humour. Guests typically represent the world of politics, comedy, show-business and journalism, and are often themselves particularly newsworthy participants. The final touches of Have I Got News For You are put together only hours before recording, allowing guests to comment on the late-breaking news stories of the day.

ITV News at Ten

The ITV News at Ten is the flagship news programme on British television network ITV, produced by ITN and founded by news editor Geoffrey Cox in 1967. It was originally planned as a thirteen week project in July 1967 because senior figures at ITV refused to believe that a permanent 30-minute evening news programme would be welcomed by viewers. However, the bulletin proved to be very popular with audiences and it remained a fixture of the ITV schedule. News at Ten rose to popularity for the in-depth nature of its news reporting, and the presence of context and analysis, something that had lacked in ITN's shorter news updates. News at Ten also popularised some of the most well-known faces in television news, among them Alastair Burnet, Sandy Gall, Reginald Bosanquet, Anna Ford, Alastair Stewart and Trevor McDonald. When the programme was initially axed by ITV in March 1999 to make way for entertainment programming, there was a public outcry. The bulletin made a short-lived return in 2001, before being replaced with a 22:30 bulletin in 2004. It took a further four years for News at Ten to be properly reinstated to the ITV schedule, in January 2008. The current newscasters are Mark Austin and Julie Etchingham.

The World's Astonishing News 2003

The World's Astonishing News began airing in 2002. The majority of the episodes are produced by Sean Traynor, E. Paul Dimartino Jr., and directed by either Yuki Gouroku, Shunsuke Morita, or Naoko Yamada. The show is produced under Duo Creative Communications, a San Francisco based company, and is distributed through Nippon Television Network, where the program receives its distribution through Japan and many other Asian countries. The show is filmed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as well as in Japan, and episodes air every month or so throughout Asia. The episodes are shot in documentary-style formats, to preserve the investigatory aesthetic, with English subtitles.

NewsRadio 1995

NewsRadio is an American television situation comedy that aired on NBC from 1995 to 1999. The series was created by executive producer Paul Simms, and was filmed in front of a studio audience at CBS Studio Center and Sunset Gower Studios. The show's theme tune was composed by Mike Post, who also scored the pilot. The show placed #72 on Entertainment Weekly's "New TV Classics" list.

Sky News at Ten

Sky News at Ten is a long-running daily news show on Sky News, airing between 10:00pm and 11:00pm. From Monday to Thursday, the show is presented by Anna Botting, whilst Friday to Sunday Mark Longhurst fronts the programme.


GMTV News was the brand name for the regional news service in the south coast of England and the Thames Valley, from 5 December 2006 until 6 February 2009. The change in branding was brought about due to the launch of ITV's Thames Valley news region on 4 December 2006, which, although based at Meridian's studios, consisted of the south-east of the Central franchise area as well as the north of the Meridian area. For this reason it was unlike the GMTV Northern Ireland and GMTV Scotland services, as it was produced by an ITV regional franchise-holder, rather than an independent company. As GMTV at the time only paid for one regional news service per official franchisee, the regional GMTV News-branded service was a replacement for the Meridian News and Thames Valley Today programmes. In February 2009, the two programmes were merged into one Meridian News/Tonight programme, and the GMTV News brand was dropped.

E! News 1991

E! News, previously known as E! News Daily and E! News Live, describes both the entertainment news division of the E! network in the United States, and the branding of its flagship entertainment newscast. The program debuted on September 1, 1991 and mainly reports on celebrity news and gossip, along with previews of upcoming films and television shows, regular segments about all of those three subjects, and some news about the industry in general.

One News

One News is the news division of New Zealand television network TVNZ. The service is broadcast live from TVNZ Centre in Auckland. The flagship news bulletin is the nightly 6pm news hour, but One News also has midday and late night news bulletins, as well as current affairs shows such as Breakfast and Seven Sharp. The 6pm programme is New Zealand's most-watched news programme. As of July 2008, it has a market share of 44%. The current editor of One News is Paul Patrick, and the head of TVNZ News and Current Affairs is Anthony Flannery. One News has been judged Best News in the Qantas Media Awards from 2008 till 2011.

Liquid News

Liquid News was the daily round up of entertainment news for BBC Three running from 30 May 2000 to 1 April 2004. It was originally a vehicle for presenter Christopher Price. Following his death on 21 April 2002, the show continued with a variety of presenters including Colin Paterson, Claudia Winkleman, Iain Lee, Jasmine Lowson, Paddy O'Connell, Jo Whiley, Joe Mace and Amanda Byram. The programme originally evolved from Zero 30, the previous entertainment programme on BBC News 24, also hosted by Price. Once this was dropped from the 24 hour news channel, controller of the then BBC Choice, Stuart Murphy, took the format and brought it to the channel where it soon became the flagship programme as part of a radical change to the schedules of both digital-only BBC channels BBC Choice and BBC Knowledge from June 2000 as they became more focused and targeted to specific audiences. The show continued on BBC Three which replaced BBC Choice in February 2003, but in April 2004 the show was axed. Murphy, who also went on to be controller of BBC Three, stated that the show would end as a way to "refresh the channel's output to best serve the audience". The news element of the channel was unaffected by the ending of the programme with 60 Seconds and The 7 O'Clock News already in existence serving as the replacement. Although The 7 O'Clock News was later axed in 2005, 60 Seconds remains on BBC Three to this present day.

365gay News

365gay News was the umbrella title of gay-themed news programming airing on the Logo television network. The programming was produced in partnership with CBS as a result of the former ownership of both networks by Viacom. It debuted in June 2005, when the channel began broadcasting. Initially, news items were presented as short segments between scheduled programs. Occasionally the channel would air full half-hour specials on stories of interest to the LGBT community, such as the Gay Games, yearly gay pride events, the October 2006 ruling in the same-sex marriage case in New Jersey, Lewis v. Harris, and the issues facing gay voters in the 2006 mid-term elections. In late 2007 CBS News on Logo went from broadcasting segments between scheduled programming to a weekly half-hour format. New programs were broadcast each Monday and repeated through the week. Jason Bellini was the lead anchor for CBS News on Logo until 2008. Other correspondents included Itay Hod and Chagmion Antoine. The Executive Producer until 2008 was Court Passant. The CBS News Up to the Minute set was utilized for the broadcast of the program. Beginning in January 2007, a news update podcast became available for download through the iTunes Store.

News Central

News Central was a primetime newscast on Sinclair television stations in the United States, mixing locally produced news with nationally produced news and an opinion segment from Sinclair's Hunt Valley, Maryland studios. News Central ended all newscasts effective March 31, 2006, which, after that date, its stations either did their newscasts entirely on their own, outsourced their newscast to a larger station in the market, or cancelled their newscasts entirely. Others, like WSMH, teamed up with non-affiliate stations in their market to either simulcast other stations' newscasts, or produce a news program in conjunction of the two stations. WYZZ and WUHF went into LMAs with other stations in their markets. News Central still produces a one-minute national news brief for Sinclair stations, called Washington Newsroom, and formerly produced their nightly The Point commentary until it ended after the November 30, 2006 edition. It also provides weather updates and forecasts during national morning news programs on select Sinclair stations that are void of local weather staff, including WTWC in Tallahassee, Florida, and WXLV-TV in Greensboro, North Carolina. The segments feature weather anchor Tony Pagnotti.

NJN News

NJN News was a half-hour daily broadcast television news program by the New Jersey Network which also aired in New York City on WNET Monday through Friday. It was sometimes preempted on holidays by special programming. The program began in 1978 as New Jersey Nightly News, co-produced with WNET. In 1981, NJN assumed full control of the broadcast. NJN News had its final broadcast on June 30, 2011, when NJN went off the air to be replaced by NJTV. Talent included former presenter Kent Manahan, new anchor Jim Hooker, environmental reporter Ed Rodgers, science reporter Patrick Regan, health reporter Sara Lee Kessler, and general reporters Marie DeNoia Aronson, Kent Saint John and others.

5 News

5 News is the news programme of British broadcaster Channel 5 produced by ITN from Channel 5's parent company Northern & Shell head office on Lower Thames Street in the City of London. From 1 January 2005, Sky News was awarded the contract to provide the news for Channel 5, replacing ITN, which had provided the channel's news service from the channel's launch in 1997. On 14 February 2011, the service was rebranded back to its original name, 5 News, having been called Five News from 2002 until 2011. On 20 February 2012 the contract returned to original provider ITN. The ITV press centre announced on 2 September 2011 that David Kermode, at-the-time editor, would leave 5 News in order to take up an editorial spot on Daybreak. He was replaced by Geoff Hill.

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