News from Home 1977

Chantal Akerman, the Belgian filmmaker, lives in New York. Filmed images of the City are accompanied by the texts of Chantal Akerman's loving but manipulative mother back home in Brussels. The City comes more and more to the front while the words of the mother, read by Akerman herself, gradually fade away.

When News Goes Horribly Wrong 2018

Moira Stuart narrates a selection of clips of memorable moments when live news broadcasts went wrong. From graphics getting it wrong, guests storming off set to newsreaders making slip-ups and gaffes live on air.

I'd Receive the Worst News from Your Beautiful Lips 2011

Set in a small town in Pará in the heart of the Amazon, Cauby makes a living as a photographer. Soon he’ll befriend pastor Ernani’s attractive wife Lavínia and embark on an affair – a good portion of the film is dedicated to their passionate relationship. We will also learn of Lavínia’s baggage from her past – how she met her husband, her continuing love for him, and his supportive role. But when rumours of her affair with Cauby circulate, the conservative community do not look at it kindly, leading to tragedy, and their lives will never be the same afterwards…

Breaking News Live 2013

'Breaking News Live' visualizes the story of Nayana and Sneha. The plot moves forward with the many people who Nayana come across in her life. Nayana realizes the other side of people when she finds their true self. Sneha and her mentally challenged brother are under the care of their grandmother after the death of their parents. When fate makes a chance for Nayana to meet Sneha, Nayana feels that Sneha is a part of her life. The revelation that they are not two but one takes the story to novel planes.

Behind the News 1940

As suggested by its title, Behind the News was a "stop the presses!" yarn set in a big-city newsroom. Lloyd Nolan is top-billed as a cynical reporter with a penchant for sticking his neck out too far. Frank Albertson costars as a cub reporter fresh out of journalism school, whose presence is resented by Nolan and his fellow workers. But it is Albertson who, after running afoul of the law, is instrumental in breaking up a ring of racketeers. Behind the News was remade by Republic as Headline Hunters (55).

Newsflash 2018

On November 22, 1963 CBS newsman Walter Cronkite is given the task of reporting on live television about President John F. Kennedy's assassination in Texas.

Bad News Tour 1983

A documentary crew films heavy metal band Bad News as they have trouble starting their van, pick up a schoolgirl groupie, and meet up with rock journalist Sally at a motorway service station where they argue about the cost of sausage and chips.

Murder Is News 1937

A radio reporter does a story on the infidelity and divorce of a wealthy and powerful businessman. The man invites the reporter to his mansion for a chat, but when he gets there, he finds that the businessman has been murdered--and that now he himself is on the killer's hit list.

Love Is News 1937

When a crafty reporter uses false pretenses to get a story out of heiress Tony Gateson, she turns the tables on him, telling the press that they are engaged. Suddenly he's front page news, every salesman is at his doorstep, and he loses his job. A series of misadventures ensues with him alternately back on his job and fired and her ex-fiance showing up. Can an heiress be a human being, and can a reporter get a scoop?

Good News: Newspaper Salesmen, Dead Dogs and Other People from Vienna 1990

This documentary, Ulrich Seidl's full-length film debut, examines the lives of the street newspaper sellers in Vienna, a mixture of men from Turkey, India, Pakistan, Egypt and Eastern Europe, standing out in all weathers, peddling the trivial Viennese tabloids. We see their lives on the street, their cramped living quarters, their minders, the 'training' days, and the inhumane process which keeps them working endless hour for little reward.

Nellie Bly Makes the News 2018

An animated documentary about the legendary journalist who changed the game for women in reporting before women even had the right to vote. Examining boundaries between reporting and storytelling, it creates a dynamic portrait of a woman who refused to accept the status quo.

Girl in the News 1940

An elderly lady manages to sneak some pills away from her nurse and dies of an overdose. The nurse is tried for murder and acquitted. Some time later the nurse, under a new name and identity, cares for a patient who also dies of an overdose. When her real identity comes out, suspicions fly.

The Last News 2016

This is the journey of Sarmista, an upright and honest investigative journalist through the web of media politics and her fight for the truth. She braves various situations to capture news at great personal risk only to realize, to her horror and disbelief, that the channel won't telecast her report.

News from Afar 2005

Under the notion that "you can not change the future, but the past," a young woman who has grown up in a poor village in the highlands, embarks on a spiritual journey to Mexico City seeking to break the cycle of family alienation and find hope. Fate will return to the source to destroy and start over.

Dead Men Don't Die 1990

A reporter investigating a drug dealing ring is murdered. Brought back to life by the voodoo spell of a cleaning woman, he goes after his killers.

NewsHits 2016

A montage of fun moments to celebrate Bruce's last day as the anchor of Your 7 News.

Have I Got a Bit More News for You 2007

Based on the week's news, Have I Got News For You is fronted by guest hosts and features two regular team captains, Paul Merton and Ian Hislop. Each week the show invites two guests to cast a jaundiced eye over the week's news, resulting in a fast flow of anarchic, spontaneous and hugely entertaining wit and humour. Guests typically represent the world of politics, comedy, show-business and journalism, and are often themselves particularly newsworthy participants. The final touches of Have I Got News For You are put together only hours before recording, allowing guests to comment on the late-breaking news stories of the day.

Daily News Live

Daily News Live is a live sports talk show which airs weeknights from 5:00PM to 5:30PM EST on SportsNet New York. The show's host is Jonas Schwartz and WFAN personality Joe Benigno, with many New York area newspaper writers and other guests. The show is presented by Citi and named after the newspaper New York Daily News. No show precedes it as only re-runs of Beer Money!, Mets Weekly or Mets games and The WheelHouse succeeds it. It is the first show in the New York Sports Local on SNY.

PBS NewsHour 1975

America's first and longest running hour-long nightly news broadcast known for its in-depth coverage of issues and current events.

[email protected]

[email protected] is the defunct daily newscast of the Sonshine Media Network International with the latest national, local & international news, business news & sports news and its anchored by Troy Gomez.

Chocolate News 2008

Chocolate News is a satirical news show hosted and head written by David Alan Grier with an emphasis on African American culture. The show aired on Wednesday nights at 10:30 PM on Comedy Central as a lead-in to their other news satire programs, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. The show also aired in Canada on The Comedy Network. On March 10, 2009 a Comedy Central representative confirmed that Chocolate News would not be renewed for a second season.

Newsnight 1980

Newsnight is a daily BBC Television current affairs programme which specialises in analysis and often robust cross-examination of senior politicians. Jeremy Paxman has been its main presenter for over two decades. Several of the programme's editors over the years have gone on to senior positions within the BBC and elsewhere. Along with Paxman, the programmes regular presenters are Kirsty Wark, Gavin Esler, and Emily Maitlis. Newsnight has been broadcast on BBC Two since 1980. It goes out on weekday evenings between 10:30pm and 11:20pm. Occasionally it may have an extended edition if there is an especially significant event in the news - as happened on 7 July 2011, when closure of the News of the World led to an extended programme which continued until 11:35 pm. Recent editions are available to view and download for a limited time through the BBC iPlayer. A weekly 26-minute digest edition of Newsnight is screened on the corporation's international channel, BBC World News.

PBS NewsHour Weekend 2013

A summary of the day’s national and international news, using renowned experts to provide in-depth analysis. Each weekend broadcast contains original, in-depth field reporting on topics including education, healthcare, the economy, energy, science and technology, religion, finance and the arts.

Newsreaders 2013

Newsreaders is a quarter-hour format American television comedy that lampoons the news magazine genre. The series is a spinoff of the Adult Swim show Childrens Hospital and stars Mather Zickel as Louis LaFonda, the host of the fictional news magazine Newsreaders. The series premiered January 17, 2013. It has been renewed for a second season.

Not The Nine O'Clock News 1979

Not the Nine O'Clock News is a television comedy sketch show which was broadcast on BBC2 from 1979 to 1982. Originally shown as a comedy alternative to the Nine O'Clock News on BBC1, it featured satirical sketches on current news stories and popular culture, as well as parody songs, comedy sketches, re-edited videos, and spoof television formats. The show featured Rowan Atkinson, Pamela Stephenson, Mel Smith, and Griff Rhys Jones, as well as Chris Langham in the first series. The format was a deliberate departure from the Monty Python's Flying Circus stream-of-consciousness meta-comedy, returning to a more conventional sketch show format. Sketches were mostly self-contained, lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes and often had a degree of naturalism in performance. The series launched the careers of several high-profile actors and writers, and also led to other comedy series including Blackadder, Mr. Bean, and Alas Smith and Jones.

News Bites

News Bites is a now defunct minute news break of Studio 23 developed by ABS-CBN Corporation via ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs featuring local and international news. A rundown of the things from technology, sports and entertainment is covered by the show. "Newsbite or news-bite" is a new concept and as J. Knox says in his article, it is referred to the evolution of verbal news genres in online newspapers. A home page is the entry point of an online newspaper, into a home page we can find different elements; one of these, specifically one of the central visual-verbal element is a newsbite. As it is said before, the newsbite, is considered a relatively new news genre, particularly talking about news stories. The newsbite is the result of the evolution of technological and social developments in the online newspapers field. In that sense, newsbites can be considered as a pinch of information written in a particular way. The newsbite concept is different from newsbrief, because the first one functions as an independent text. Its functionality is highlight important stories of the online newspaper, and as the author says: "Their social purpose is to present the focal point of a news story with immediacy and impact".

TV3 News

TV3 News is the news output at TV3 Ireland. Its services are available online, on-demand, on TV and mobile. Its flagship bulletins begin at 07:00 each weekday on Ireland AM followed by bulletins on Midday both hosted by Siobhan Bastible. Its prime-time bulletin 'The 5:30' is hosted by Colette Fitzpatrick. Its late night news programme Tonight with Vincent Browne airs weeknights from 23:00 and on Wednesday, Nora Owen hosts its current affairs programme Midweek.

ITV News Anglia

ITV News Anglia is a regional television news and current affairs programme, produced by ITV Anglia, serving the East of England.

CBC News: Compass

CBC News: Compass is a 90-minute local television news program based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada broadcast from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM each weeknight AT on CBCT-DT, the CBC owned and operated television station on PEI. It is the only PEI-specific newscast in the province, and has long been well ahead of CTV Atlantic's newscasts in the ratings. The newscast launched as a single 60-minute newscast, Compass, in 1986, with Roger Younker as its anchor from its inception until 2002. Younker became well-known and trusted within Prince Edward Island. The humorous and popular weatherman, Kevin "Boomer" Gallant, has also been with the program since 1986, and still remains. In about 1995, reporter Sara Fraser was brought on as co-anchor with Younker. But in 2000, as a result of budget-cuts, all local supper-hour CBC newscasts were replaced with CBC News: Canada Now, a hybrid national and local newscasts. Younker continued as sole anchor of the PEI-specific half from Charlottetown, with a national program following at 6:30PM local time, presented by Ian Hanomansing from the network's Vancouver studios. In 2002, with Younker's departure, former co-host and long-time correspondent Sara Fraser temporarily succeeded him for one year. In 2003, newcomer Bruce Rainnie was brought in as a permanent replacement for Younker/Fraser as the anchor, and brought his own unique style to the program. Sara Fraser continues as a frequent substitute anchor and correspondent. In May 2006, the local half of the newscast was renamed CBC News at Six: Prince Edward Island.

Sky News Today

Sky News with Dermot Murnaghan is a programme on Sky News which currently runs between 10:00am and 1:00pm and is presented by Dermot Murnaghan and Colin Brazier

Making News: Savannah Style

Making News: Savannah Style was a reality program set at the duopoly of WJCL and WTGS in Savannah, Georgia. It followed the daily activities of the lowest-rated news department in the Savannah television market. The show was the second in the Making News series, following Making News: Texas Style, which aired during Summer 2007. The first season of Making News was the TV Guide Network's highest-rated original series. Making News: Savannah Style started taping in December 2007. The show also mentioned competing stations WTOC and WSAV.

CBC News: Sunday

CBC News: Sunday was a weekly television newsmagazine series in Canada, which aired on Sunday mornings on both CBC Newsworld and CBC Television. The program first went on the air in February 2002, offering exclusive and headline news, behind-the-scenes reports, in-depth interviews with world leaders and newsmakers such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ralph Nader, Kofi Annan and the Dalai Lama. The program, hosted by Evan Solomon and Carole MacNeil, focused on ethics, spirituality and media accountability. It covered current news stories, but also examines how these stories are covered by the media. After eight seasons on air, on May 31, 2009, CBC News: Sunday aired its final episode in front of a live audience in the CBC Atrium. The show has won more than 40 national and international awards and nominations: "Deadline Iraq: Uncensored Stories of the War," a gripping documentary about what the public doesn't see from the front in Iraq, won the Red Cross Prize at the Monte Carlo TV Festival; “Beyond Words: Photographers of War” won Best Short Feature, National at the 2005 Gabriel Awards, as well as a Bronze Medal at the 2005 Columbus International Film & Video Festival, and a 2005 Gemini Award Nomination for Best Magazine Segment, while Evan Solomon won the 2005 Gemini for Best Host Interviewer.

GMA Headline News

GMA Headline News was a late night English newscast of GMA Network from 1986 to 1992. The show was anchored by Tina Monzon-Palma, and Jose Mari Velez; it was replaced by GMA Network News.

News From Zoos

News From Zoos is a Canadian children's television series which aired on CBC Television from 1980 to 1982.

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