Masks 2011

In the 70s Matteusz Gdula invented an acting method that was supposed to make every actor “shine”. Still, lots of his students die mysteriously and Gdula commits suicide. His method gets banned. Now: Stella, an ambitious, but rather untalented drama student, gets accepted at the „Matteusz Gdula“-school. When she bears witness to some strange occurrences, she gets drawn into the bizarre and deadly web that surrounds the dark secret of the school...

Masks 1976

The film sought to portray a relatively unknown and isolated rural world and, through a highly politicized discourse, affirmed the genuineness of “folk culture.” Representative of the new documentary film movement that developed in Portugal after the revolution, the movie encouraged the local retrieval of the Caretos tradition. A ritual that seemed to be doomed by the conjoined impact of emigration, the colonial war and the crisis of agriculture was thus brought back to life. - Paulo Raposo

Masks 2015

It is difficult to characterize Slobodan Tišma. He is unique and versatile. He wanders with joy throughout the artistic landscape, drawing it with his words since the early sixties. He started as a poet, he was a conceptualist, an "invisible artist" and a rock musician ("Luna"/"La Strada"- former Yugoslav New Wave bands). Currently, he is a prose writer, and sometimes he engages in minimalistic performances. Wearing different masks he moved from one artistic space to another breaking the stereotypes and creating an aesthetic phenomenon out of his own existence. His mainstay is margin. Through trees and ocean he communicates with the universe. He loves the game of seeking, and hiding again. He is a persistent walker. With his silent steps he pops up daily in the corners of Novi Sad, searching for his own pleasure. Similar to his writings, this film has no formal completeness and comprehensiveness. It wonders who Slobodan Tišma is.

Masks 1997

The story starts with the birth of a baby, who starts crying as soon as he sees his father "in disguise." The infant is already expressing his desire for authenticity. By the age of three, he instinctively rejects conventions. He is taken to a psychiatrist, who finds him perfectly normal. When he starts school, he is offered another mask. Once again, he rejects it, and once again, he is led off to the psychiatrist. As a teenager he discovers his father's disguises and fills them with helium. As an adult, his creative attitude towards his work arouses the envy of his colleagues. At one of his last visits to the psychiatrist, he sees a young woman who seems to be experiencing the same problems he is. It's love at first sight. From their union is born a child who starts to cry as soon as he sees his father wearing a motorcycle helmet. The father quickly removes his "mask..."

Masks 2017

While preparing for a show in an old theatre, a couple of actors find the dress rehearsal is not going to go according to plan.

Masks 2014

A young girl is having trouble fitting in anywhere (school, friends, even at home). This is the story of her struggle to find her place.


A closeted medical student struggles to enjoy an evening out with her girlfriend at a gay nightclub.

Masks 2017

Steve and Marcus were best friends in high school. They now lead very different lives, but meet again at a Halloween party long after they graduated. After venturing to Marcus' secluded family home deep in the woods, their lives unravel with deadly consequences. Steve tries to move on, but the encounter with The Mask changes him forever.

The Masks of Death 1984

Sherlock Holmes (Peter Cushing) has retired. But when MacDonald (Gordon Jackson) asks him to take on another case, he says yes. There have been some mysterious murders, and there are no visible causes for the deaths. At the same time Holmes gets this case, Graf Udo Von Felseck (Anton Diffring) gives him another case: find a young and missing prince to prevent war between Germany and England. But Von Felseck is not as honest as he seems...

Tchiloli, Masks and Myths 2009

Originary from France, the "Tchiloli or Marquis of Mântua Tragedy" theatre was introduced in the African island of São Tomé in the XVIth century. Music, dances and suits are added to the renaissance text, turning this spectacle into a hybrid cultural manifestation. The Tchiloli, performed by amateur groups, integrates only men that are prominent figures in certain quarters of the island. The most popular and traditional group is the "Formiguinha". In this company, the main roles are transmitted from generation to generation. The oldest members try to keep the tradition within the family.

Behind Masks 1921

Jeanne, an orphaned young heiress, is about to be married off to an elderly man by her scheming aunt, who stands to make money on the marriage, a fact of which Jeanne is unaware. Jeanne is also unaware that her aunt heads a ring that runs crooked card games, and one night Jeanne attends a fixed bridge game at which her aunt hopes to cheat a wealthy young man out of his money...

Masks: Facade 2015

Prequel to the 2013 Charles A. Christman III short film "Masks" that shows the origins of how the man became "The Mask" and the internal struggle that later leads to murder. When Tim comes home from work, he finds his best friend waiting for him in a disoriented state. While trying to inquire and remedy the situation, he comes to find out that his childhood friend is no longer there and a darker, dormant presence is taking shape.

Masks: Sentient 2013

Steve and Marcus were best friends in high school. They now lead very different lives, but meet again at a Halloween party long after they graduated. After venturing to Marcus' secluded family home deep in the woods, their lives unravel with deadly consequences.

Animation Masks 2012

“Animation, masks,” the 12-minute 29-second film that is the entirety of Jordan Wolfson’s New York gallery debut, has the hallmarks of a classic. It rejuvenates appropriation art through the incisive use of digital animation, achieving an intensity that rivets the ear and the eye while perturbing the mind.

Spring Masks 2018

Living in fragments, pieced together in varied ways, uncertainly, and yet... Inside there is a familiar chaos, awaiting a key...

Masks and Faces 1917

An actress cures an aged flirt by posing as his wife.

Masks and Memories 1934

Julie and Bob take a break from their Mardi Gras revels to visit Bob's home, where he lives with his sister and their reclusive Uncle Andy. Andy mistakes Julie for his sweetheart of years before and she plays along. Seems he was a steamboat captain and when the railroads put him out of work he vowed to never leave his home again -- and he still lives in the 1870's in his mind. Julie, Bob and Queenie entice him out to a ball and he finds life in the 20th century pleasant enough.

2 Masks for Alexa 1971

Curd Jurgens as the betrayed husband is incredibly expressive and believable; Rosabla Neri, as the philandering Alexa, delivers her usual thoughtful performance and, in doing so, makes her potentially cardboard cut-out character multi-dimensional, and Juan Luis Galiardo, as Alexa'a heartthrob Pierre, also cares enough about his craft that he avoids the trappings of a potentially stereotypical character and, like Neri, makes him real and full of depth

PJ Masks 2015

Connor, Greg and Amaya are normal kids by day, but at night they activate their bracelets, which link into their pajamas and give them fantastic super powers, turning them into their alternate identities: The PJ Masks. The team consists of Catboy (Connor), Gekko (Greg) and Owelette (Amaya). Together, they go on adventures, solve mysteries, and learn valuable lessons.

The Vigilantes in Masks 2011

The Vigilantes in Masks is a Chinese television series produced by Chinese Entertainment Shanghai. Previous adaptations include a 1960 Hong Kong television series, a 1994 film, a 2005 TVB production, a 2008 SBS South Korean television drama, Iljimae, and a 2009 MBC South Korean adaptation The Return of Iljimae. The story is based on folktales of a Robin Hood-style hero who lived in the Ming Dynasty.

Lance N' Masques 2015

Yōtarō Hanafusa is a young man who is part of the last remaining order of knights in the 21st century, "Knights of the World." As he fights as the mysterious Knight Lancer, he must hide his identity behind a mask. One day he meets a girl named Makio Kidōin, and when finding that she lives alone, decides to watch over her.

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