Kong: Skull Island 2017

Explore the mysterious and dangerous home of the king of the apes as a team of explorers ventures deep inside the treacherous, primordial island.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 2008

Set during the Cold War, the Soviets – led by sword-wielding Irina Spalko – are in search of a crystal skull which has supernatural powers related to a mystical Lost City of Gold. After being captured and then escaping from them, Indy is coerced to head to Peru at the behest of a young man whose friend – and Indy's colleague – Professor Oxley has been captured for his knowledge of the skull's whereabouts.

Skull 1927

A rare film which depicts the tragic fate of a Christian lord who fought for his fate in the Edo period. Of note is Utaemon Ichikawa's extraordinary memorable final scenes in which he takes on his enemy with a gash in his forehead and a wild, unkempt mane.

The Skull 1965

A collector of esoterica, Dr. Maitland, buys an unusual skull from his ordinary source of artifacts. The skull is what remains of marquis De Sade. Much too soon he discovers how the skull affects him: by turning him into a frenzied killer.

Country of My Skull 2004

An American reporter and an Afrikaans poet meet and fall in love while covering South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings.

The Screaming Skull 1958

Newlyweds Eric and Jenni Whitlock retire to his desolate mansion, where Eric's first wife Marianne died from a mysterious freak accident. Jenni, who has a history of mental illness, begins to see strange things including a mysterious skull, which may or may not be a product of her imagination.

Campfire Creepers: The Skull of Sam 2017

Long before written language, cinema or television, there were campfire stories. Youth scaring the living bejeezus out of each other on dark nights at summer camp is a tradition as rich and eternal as the earliest campfire tales.

The Crimson Skull 1922

To rid the range of a gang of outlaws that are rustling cattle and robbing the banks and stagecoaches, cowhand Bob Calem, working on the gang-leader's superstitions, dons a skeleton-costume to strike fear into the gang.

Ted - Show Me Love 2018

Chronicling the beautiful and tragic life and career of Ted Gärdestad, this biopic tells the story of the great highs and lows of one of Sweden's most loved artists.

Skull Forest 2012

Four female friends embark on a weekend camping expedition into the woods. Things go horribly awry when the quartet runs afoul of a group of wicked rich folks who enjoy hunting humans for sport. Will any of these ladies make it out of the forest alive?

Pop Skull 2007

Addled prescription drug addict Daniel finds himself unraveling further under the stress of a recent breakup. Worse yet, he lives in a house haunted by nightmarish events from the past, images of which torment him in terrifying dreams. This hallucinatory horror film leaps off the screen with its disturbingly vivid visuals.

Skull & Bones 2007

A Tale of Homo-cidal Mania! Gay sex buddies Nathan and Justin are united by their passion for slasher, vigilante, serial killer and zombie films. Bored and frustrated with their lives as students at an obscure college in impoverished New Haven, Connecticut, they decide to teach a self-important classmate, Andy, a lesson by raping him. The drug-fuelled incident goes awry and Andy dies.

Skullduggery 1983

Adam is cursed: one of his ancestors played a game and fell victim to a sorcerer or possibly Satan. The curse manifests through Adam and the game, making him attend strange amateur theatre where immensely talentless people try to do farce and a janitor wanders around with a game of Tic-Tac-Toe on his back.

Dark Skull 2016

Elder Mamaní’s father has died, and it looks as if young Elder couldn’t care less, even though he has no one to take care of him now. He goes to live with his grandmother in the outskirts of the mining city, Huanuni, where Francisco, his godfather, gives him a job at the mine. But it doesn’t take long for Elder, who cares more about getting high and wandering through dangerous alleys at night, to mess it up. But he soon finds out about a dark secret regarding Francisco’s involvement in his father’s death…

Crush the Skull 2015

A couple of master thieves find themselves trapped within a house they intended to rob, only to discover they've inadvertently wandered into the lair of a deranged serial killer.

Skull World 2013

Follows two years in the life of Greg Sommer, aka Skull Man, as he builds the Canadian chapter of Box Wars, an international underground movement of cardboard-based combat.

Skull Heads 2009

When an eccentric clan living in virtual isolation in an Italian castle finds their family togetherness threatened by the arrival of three mysterious strangers, they summon up some supernatural protectors to fend off the barbarian invasions.

The Skull Coin 1938

“Dokuro sen” (The Skull Coin) is the first film adaptation of the popular novel by Kikuo Sumita. The story evolves around the seven cursed coins (the Skull Coin) that are supposed to reveal the secrets of the hidden Tokugawa treasure.

The Black Skull 1978

After several people close to her are murdered, a young woman steps into action (accompanied by her father, who got throw over a cliff himself) to eliminate a group of ex-military who now operate a crime syndicate posing as a charity organization.

Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge 2014

Hall of Fame professional wrestler Steve Austin invites eight elite athletes to his ranch each week to compete in head-to-head battles until only one is left standing. That man or woman then takes on Steve's personal obstacle course, the Skullbuster, for a chance to win $10,000.

The Skull Man 2007

Otomo City: where freedom and justice have atrophied to the bone; where conspiracy rules the day and death stalks the night... Death in the form of the Skull Man, a literal Grim Reaper whose skeletal grin presages grisly mayhem and murder, even to the monstrous mutants that haunt the city's underworlds! To investigate a bizarre slaying, journalist Minagami Hayato and photographer Kiriko Mamiya must stalk this ultimate predator, through a festering cadaver of a city where the corruption flows in rivers as deep and foul as the sins of the reigning elite, and unearth a secret so shocking that an entire city has been turned into a tomb to contain! In a nightmarish necropolis where nothing is as it seems, vengeance comes in the form of a living Death's-Head!

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