Swing Vote 2008

In a remarkable turn of events, the result of the presidential election comes down to one man's vote.

Please Vote for Me 2007

Wahun is a city in China the size of London where an experiment in democracy is conducted. At Evergreen Primary School, a grade 3 class learns what democracy is when an election for class monitor is being held. Three children are chosen by the teacher as candidates and they have a few days to campaign and convince their classmates to vote for them. The little candidates are seen at school and at home, where their parents do their best to make sure their child will win the election.

The Vote 2015

On 7 May, churches, school halls, and back rooms of community centres will be turned into polling stations, staffed by council workers and volunteers. A church polling station is the backdrop for a real-time play for theatre and TV, called The Vote, staged at the exact moment in which the action is set - the last 90 minutes before polls close.

Vote off 2017

Fayçal Hammoum recounts the 2014 presidential election through non-voting inhabitants of Algiers who, like him, are in their thirties. Be it Bilel, a grocer by default exposed to his customers’ political babbling, or the more politically-charged comments of Younes, a militant FM radio journalist opposed to President Bouteflika’s fourth term, the variety of conversational scenes in no way changes the determination not to vote for an old man who has been invisible for almost two years. The rappers Omar and Brahim are as bereft of hope and voter’s cards as the Tellek webradio DJ, since “the match is fixed”. Moving away from his focus on this subject to film their daily life, the filmmaker draws the portrait of a generation who, as Bilal says with poignant simplicity, “just wants to live

Speechless 1994

A romantic comedy. Michael Keaton and Geena Davis are speechwriters for competing political campaigns. Witty and amusing for the political junkies amongst us.

Vote for Huggett 1949

A firm of solicitors do battle with the head of the local council over a parcel of river front land, owned by the Huggett family, in order to build a lido/community center.

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for Nigel Barton 1965

Candidate Nigel Barton goes from idealism to cynicism as he becomes disillusioned and suspicious of hollow campaign promises.

Swing Vote 1999

A newly-appointed Supreme Court Justice must settle a controversial moral and legal dilemma with his tie-breaking decision which may also have serious implications on his own family's harmony.

The Vote 2016

Strict military rule and international sanctions kept Myanmar sealed off from the world for decades. The Vote observes residents of the bustling city of Yangon as they navigate their first democratic election in over 50 years.

Stealing America: Vote by Vote 2008

For more than thirty years, exit polls accurately predicted election results. Over the last ten years that reliability has disappeared. What's going on? The last two presidential elections both came down to a relatively small number of votes, and in both elections the integrity of the voting process has been called into question. With the upcoming election looking to be similarly close, the time has come to ask the questions: What happened in 2000 and 2004? What, if anything, has changed since?

I Vote for Love 1965

A teenage angst drama about a boy who feels that adults tend to live in disguise, hiding their real emotions and urges. To him, his girlfriend Racheeda is an escape from such reality.

Punk the Vote! 2006

Roach and Starbuck, two hardcore punks from Montreal, try to form their own political party, but run out of time due to Canada's electoral process. Instead, they decide to campaign for political office as independent candidates in a rich Montreal district called Outremont.

Vote for Me! 2003

Leo Machuchal is a sad and lonely man. His mother is dying in the hospital; he works as a super in a grimy building, and gets no respect from his neighbors, the local domino players, or even the corner drug dealers. At 70 years old, his life feels pointless. All of this changes when the Congressman of El Barrio (East Harlem) dies unexpectedly, and a series of accidents propel Leo into the forefront of a hotly contested campaign for Congress.

How to Vote 1936

A candidate has laryngitis, so his assistant must make a speech in his place. Both the speaker and his audience are soon befuddled.

Let My People Vote

Former felon turned law school graduate Desmond Meade is on a crusade to restore voting rights to Florida’s convicted felons who have served their time.

Homecoming 2005

Political satire in which the reanimated corpses of soldiers killed in Iraq return in an attempt to sway the presidential election.

Ballot Box Bunny 1951

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Ballot Box Bunny is a 1950 animated Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies theatrical cartoon short released in 1951, directed by Friz Freleng and written by Warren Foster.

The Great American Dream Vote 2007

The Great American Dream Vote is a reality television series hosted by Donny Osmond. It premiered on March 28, 2007 on ABC with a preview on March 27, 2007. The show featured contestants who wanted their dream to come true. The studio audience would pick the two finalists; those at home would select the winner via Internet voting. Despite the premiere's Dancing with the Stars lead-in, it only drew a less than 2.0 rating among audiences 18-49. ABC cancelled the show on March 29. The only known winner of the show was Russ Jowell, whose dream was to have a full head of hair.

Visible Vote '08: A Presidential Forum

The Visible Vote ’08: A Presidential Forum aired live on August 9, 2007 on the TV channel Logo. It was the first-ever live televised forum with U.S. Presidential candidates discussing solely LGBT-related issues. Logo co-sponsored the event, the first live one in its history, with the Human Rights Campaign.

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