3000 Miles to Graceland 2001

It was an ingenious enough plan: rob the Riviera Casino's count room during an Elvis impersonator convention. But Thomas Murphy decided to keep all the money for himself and shot all his partners, including recently-freed ex-con Michael Zane. With $3.2 million at stake, the Marshals Service closing in, Michael must track down Murphy.

Eight Miles High 2007

Achim Bornhak's movie focuses on the restless life of Uschi Obermaier, the icon of the 1968 movement in Germany and groupie. At the age of 16, Uschi is bored by her job in a photo lab, but soon becomes the "it girl" of Munich's club scene. When she gets to know Rainer Langhans, they move to Berlin and live in "Kommune 1", the first politically-motivated commune in Germany. While the other occupants claim she isn't political enough, Uschi just wants to have fun, works as fashion model and leads international music stars in temptation.

Miles 2017

High school senior Miles Walton joins the girls volleyball team in hopes of winning a college scholarship, which causes an uproar in his small Illinois farming town.

20 Million Miles to Earth 1957

When the first manned flight to Venus returns to Earth, the rocket crash-lands in the Mediterranean near a small Italian fishing village. The locals manage to save one of the astronauts Colonel Calder, the mission commander. A young boy also recovers what turns out to be a specimen of an alien creature. Growing at a fantastic rate, it manages to escape and eventually threatens the city of Rome.

Nine Miles Down 2009

In the Sahara desert, a sandstorm batters a deserted drilling station. A security patrolman, battles through the high winds to investigate why all contact with the station has been lost. Originally built for gas exploration, and then abandoned, the site had recently been taken over by a multi-national research team intent on drilling deeper into the earth’s crust than ever before.

600 Miles 2016

Arnulfo Rubio smuggles weapons from Arizona to Mexico for a drug cartel, but he is being investigated by agent Harris. When agent Harris blows his covers, he and Arnulfo end up in a journey where he will be the hostage of this young criminal.

White Slave 1985

A young woman seeks vengeance and finds love when her parents are killed in the Amazon and she is taken prisoner by an indigenous tribe of headhunters.

Seven Hundred Miles 2018

A coming of age road trip film about a depressed writer back from his first year of college who reunites with his three childhood friends: a drunk, a sex addict, and a manic-depressive. In an attempt to abandon their empty lives, they embark on a mission to fulfill their childhood dream of seeing Cadillac Ranch. What begins as an escape becomes an entrapment after an encounter with their childhood nemesis ignites friction within the group, forcing their problems out into the open and turning them against one another.

Miles from Home 1988

Two brothers who are forced off their farm in the debt stricken mid-west become folk heroes when they begin robbing the banks that have been foreclosing on farmers.

Mile 22 2018

A CIA field officer and an Indonesian police officer are forced to work together in confronting political corruption. An informant must be moved twenty-two miles to safety.

4.1 Miles 2016

A coast guard captain on a small Greek island is suddenly charged with saving thousands of refugees from drowning at sea.

Miles of Sand 2016

A single mother in rural India has to pay a heavy price to repay her debts.

Deadhead Miles 1972

Alan Arkin, dressed like a sea captain, aimlessly sails the American highways in his 18 wheeler mumbling manic, southern accented non sequiturs; carnivalizing roadside stops and happenstance towns while out-wierding cops and weigh stations with his new cryptic, overcoated hitchhiker buddy.

Thousand Miles Escort 1977

During the South Sung Dynasty, rampant with corruption and murder the peasants led a very difficult life. Lords controlled the countryside, continuously fighting for power. This film depicts these brutal realities of China during this time, and how one man's integrity and pride is never compromised.

500 Miles 2014

Emily is the girl that the world seemingly forgot about. Abandoned and forced into the foster care system, Emily turned to a dark world of sex and drugs to hide her fear. The only thing that can save her is the one thing she has never known: love.

90 Miles 2005

90 miles is the distance from the coasts of Cuba and the United States. A Cuban family left the island illegally, in a small, rustic homemade boat, and live a tragic odyssey while traversing the Straits of Florida in hopes of reaching U.S. shores.

Miles from Tomorrowland 2015

This intergalactic adventure charts the outer space missions of young adventurer Miles Callisto and his family – mom and ship captain, Phoebe; mechanical engineer dad, Leo; tech-savvy big sister, Loretta; and robo-ostrich pet, Merc – as they help connect the universe on behalf of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.

100 Miles From Nowhere 2015

From the producers of Naked and Afraid comes 100 Miles From Nowhere, an Animal Planet series that follows adventurer Matt Galland and his two best buddies, Danny Bryson and Blake Josephson. In each episode, the trio of fun-loving regular guys chooses remote, extreme locations throughout the globe where cameras – let alone people – rarely have gone. Matt, Danny and Blake’s mission is straightforward: to get off life’s usual humdrum path for a more exciting, daring and off-the-beaten one. In just three or four days, the guys trek approximately 100 miles and burn up to 10,000 calories on foot, raft, skis and even skateboard while they document and shoot their own escapades with absolutely no crew. Every single second on the ground is self-shot. Each expedition causes major wear and tear on their bodies, so the guys must reach their bear box drops, which are pre-arranged at set points to replenish their supplies, strength and stamina. Their incredible journeys take them to extreme landscapes – including steep mountains, insufferably hot deserts, freezing-cold canyons and snakeinfested jungles. They push their endurance to the limit and sometimes even their friendship. The quests are never easy and are sometimes dangerous, but they always are packed with thrilling surprises and breathtaking footage of the planet’s splendor.

12 Miles of Bad Road 2008

12 Miles of Bad Road is a television show originally created for HBO centered on a Texas matriarch who must reconcile her booming real estate business and immense wealth with the day-to-day struggles of her dysfunctional family life.

Love Island 2015

Love Island will see a stunning cast engage in the ultimate game of love, as they land in a sunshine paradise in search of passion and romance. Each of the glamorous members of the public will live like celebrities in a luxury villa, but in order to stay there, they will not only have to win over the hearts of each other, but also the hearts of the public. Can true love win out on Love Island or is it all a game? Caroline Flack, introduces us to the cast of hot, young singles who have come looking for a summer of love and romance. The winners will leave the island with £50,000 in six weeks’ time but to get their hands on it the singles will need to go the distance.

Eternal Love 2017

Three hundred years ago, Bai Qian stood on the Zhu Xian Terrace, turned around and jumped off without regret. Ye Hua stood by the bronze mirror to witness with his own eyes her death. Three hundred years later, in the East Sea Dragon Palace, the two meet unexpectedly. Another lifetime another world, after suffering betrayal Bai Qian no longer feels anything, yet she can't seem to comprehend Ye Hua's actions. Three lives three worlds, her and him, are they fated to love again?

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